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I, XXXX XXXX who currently has a complaint filed, case number # XXXX was advised to inform CFPB, yet again, of the continued bias, and unfair practices by Wells Fargo Mortgage. I had my sister on my behalf contact Wells Fargo on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and inquire about a short sale of my property in lieu of a Foreclosure should we not be able to come to any other resolutions, that I, as well as XXXX ( noted ) feel strongly I should not have been denied through their efforts. I was informed that the request was being made and that I would be contacted in 24 to 48hrs. Such time came and went with no phone calls from Wells Fargo regarding my request, so I contacted the home preservation specialist XXXX XXXX, left messages, and as of today XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, have yet to hear back from. I was contacted by phone and email ( doc included ) by my XXXX advocate on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX that I was considered for a short sale and they alluded to the fact that I had not been compliant in returning documents that were needed to be assisted in the matter. How could I comply to information that I had no knowledge of? Had it not been for my XXXX rep ( email included ). Yet again, this is the same lack of communication that has gone on with Wells Fargo since my hard ship began and my asking for assistance in XXXX, before my situation could get out of control. Conveniently, upon my telling my XXXX advisor that I had not been communicated with via phone or mail with such information, today I get two letters enclosed with instructions about the short sale ( envelopes with post mark included for proof of date ). I feel I would be re missed in mentioning, I feel there could possibly be some level of discrimination taken place against me, as I, along with my sister have been asked on more than one occasion by representatives what my race or nationality is and I kindly declined to answer. What should it matter what my race/nationality is? Another major concern that I have was that a third party informed Wells Fargo that I do not reside in my home! The third party blatantly lied about information he supposedly received upon knocking on my neighbors door. My neighbor informed me as well as my brother who currently lives with me, that a caucasian male, with a clipboard, knocked on their door one day inquiring about my activities and if they see me or not. They, ( my neighbors ) told me emphatically that they stated to the gentleman ( who gave them the creeps and whom they gave little info ) that they do n’t see me often, but converse with my sister when she ‘s in town. I was not aware that my being a XXXX year old male that works all of the time and keeps too myself was an issue. That just because my neighbors do n’t see me often or know my coming and goings, and or my personal business that someone could take that as I do n’t live in my home and report a blatant and unfounded lie and be taken as fact. The lack of communication, disrespect, and disregard that Wells has shown for me from the first day I contacted them is unfathomable, and to be told that practices have been violated from day one is a deplorable way to do business. This company, should be held accountable for their actions.

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