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Account Number XXXX – Complaint about Loss Mitigation Process The following was sent to : XXXXXXXXXXXX ” I hope this email reaches you well. My wife and I have been in the loss mitigation process multiple times and it never seems to have any positive results. They either ask for information we ‘re unable to provide or they wait until the deadlines run out voiding our application.

Our Original Loss Mitigation Relationship Manager was : XXXX XXXX – My biggest complaint about XXXX is that prior to our home going into foreclosure status we did n’t hear from XXXX for weeks. He called us the day after our home we n’t into foreclosure. It almost seems like he was trying to run out the clock and prevent us from interfering.

Then we receive a letter from the foreclosure attorney law office stating that they are collecting almost XXXX dollars more than we originally purchased the home for. Surprisingly the amount requested reflects the current market value of our home. I ‘ve sent a letter to the law firm disputing the amount.

Our current relationship manager is : XXXX XXXX – My complaint about XXXX is that she does n’t seem to take my concerns seriously. I ‘ve tried expressing to her the importance of keeping my home and that I ‘d like the documentation I ‘ve provided for this most recent loss mitigation application reviewed with high priority and she does n’t seem to care.

The fact that despite all my efforts we ‘ve yet to be offered a loss mitigation solution, we continually are left in the dark while deadlines pass, and the foreclosure amount reflects almost exactly market value for my home leaves me very concerned about how US Bank is running things.

At this time I would appreciate information on any additional departments or sources at US Bank I can forward my concerns to. Any number, emails, addresses, etc. would be much appreciated.

I do not intent to loose my home, please do whatever you can to put an end to this nightmare and get my wife and I real solutions today! ” They responded confirming what had happened but did n’t provide solutions or contact information outside US Bank that I could use to escalate the issue.

Most Recently : – I submitted a new modification request and received confirmation that it was received and complete.
– Then my relationship Manager tells me they need additional information. So I provided a new income statement & letter of explanation.
– Again I ‘m told the request is complete.

Today I got a call from XXXX XXXX advising me that I ‘d been denied for all home saving options even though underwriting had the application less then 48 hours. The reason I was denied was shocking! Because I have n’t made enough payments on our Mortgage we do n’t qualify for assistance.

– Why was I told this after the fact?
– Why did I waste time and energy giving them all the documentation need when there was not way we could qualify in the first place?
– Is this loan modification just a joke? A lie to tell people while US Bank waits for their homes to foreclose???

In Summation : – I ‘m disgusted with the lies and tricks experienced during this process – I do n’t belief US Bank want ‘s to help us – We ‘ve repeatedly been told one thing and then seen another – So much of this process is shady – I ‘m probably going to lose my home because US Bank was negligent in their treatment of my account and deliberately put me through XXXX when they new they were n’t going to lift a finger to help.

Please help us! I ca n’t trust the people at US Bank because everything they do leads me closer and closer to loosing my home.


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