Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

My name is XXXX XXXX I purchased the property from XXXX XXXX. I was set for failure from the get go, when I was placed on an adjustable ARM at 9 % increased to 11 %. In the beginning my payment was affordable at {$850.00}. My Payment adjustedfrom $ XXXX $ XXXXand now $ XXXX.From start to present.That ‘s 75 % higher payment.

I wasnave and the lack of Real estate knowledge and being that my XXXX is XXXX. I felt I was pushed and wronglyadvised by myBroker, to accept these terms. She stressed that I canlaterrefinance XXXX fixed rate.I laterlearned, at the time that XXXXXXXX XXXX, increased the value of thepropertyto cover the closing cost.

When the recession hit, my hours were cut and my wife lost her job also, we were negatively impacted financially andin result had marital problems that almost caused us our marriage.. Wereachedout toXXXX for assistance on my mortgage. I went through the loss mitigation process and XXXX early fromXX/XX/2013.I ‘m sure you are aware of the devious practices ; theykept losing the paperwork, and closed my file XXXX times. I tried calledlooking for answers, andwas told bythe lender representativesto keep sending the paperwork.

Theproblem? Icould n’t refinance my mortgage ; the property was now upside down it plummet form {$84000.00} to {$54.00}, XXXX. Unable to REFINANCE the adjustable rate to a fixed rate.The loan had transferred from XXXX TO XXXX XXXX XXXX.
I received a point of contact ; an application was mailed out to my residence. I complied but the tedious, repetitive and the lender constantly losing paperwork, lack of communication well turned into a nightmare, I was asked again to resubmit thefile. XXXXXXXX XXXX never assigned single point of contact with Greentree.
I want this nonsense to stop and for GREENTREE to review my present situation lower my rate, andbehave like a professional organization. It ‘s up to GREENTREE step in andfixthe problemthatinitiallytheir COUNTERPART ( XXXX ) set me up for failure offering me the option ARM.
! I called into your Customer Service Department and could not get a straight answer. I began working with a non-profit organizationthatsent over documents.
Thesituationremainsthesame, I ‘m on the phone constantly withGreentree to fix the problem, but you could n’t get it right due to communication issues andtheirinflexible process. Things became progressively worse as the agents proved they are utterly incapable of correcting the simpleproblemXXXX/XXXX XXXX XXXX AND NOW GREENTREE created, they clearly do not understand what a signed contract meansorhow to treat clients with respect, THE OPTION ARM IS DECEITFUL AND JUST PLAIN IMMORAL.
A further step down into the abyss occurred whenXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX raised my mortgage paymentas explainedearlier XXXX dollars. Nowtheissues to contend with and I could never get a straight answer and the gap between me and GREENTREE began to widen further.
The bottom line is that I Now have an agreement with GREENTREE regarding my mortgage payments and GREENTREE has created a huge mess which continues to snowball.Despite the cry for help, and theirlies, inconsistencies and inability to provide me with answers to my concerns. I demand that GREENTREE stop the games, to deliberately stop losingpaperwork, so they have no excuse not to help my famil

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