Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Please help! My home was sold in a foreclosure auction on XXXX XXXX,, 2016. We were notified on the day after XXXX XXXX by the person whom purchased our home from the investor. My husband and I were not notified that our home was in the foreclosure process. The Mortgage company stated on XXXX XXXX that we were 9 months behind on our mortgage payment. We mailed them via Money order and currently having them tracked down to find out where they were cashed or if they were just lost in the mail. However the mortgage company also stated that they sent certified letters notifying us. However, we do not have any of them either.
XXXX My 1st question is does the mortgage company or the trustee have to post the auction in a PUBLIC newspaper? as well as the home owner to be notified ( served ) paperwork prior to the sale. We had no idea that our home was being sold.

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