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I started working with Wells Fargo back in XXXX to do a home loan modification which I started and received temporary for 6months, but was told that the remainder of the money that was not paid ( about {$400.00} a month ) would be put at the end of my loan but was not, it was made to be paid at that time which I did n’t have and put me in major financial hardship! I was almost foreclosed on because of this! I spent more time that I really had trying to get through all the different lost papers that I needed to resubmit, changing loan specialist etc. that it was tearing me down. BTW I have all documents to back my statements. I was told by another loan specialist to file a quick claim deed and start the process to get the cosigner of the loan as they not living in the home, never lived in the home and will not help towards the loan and is one of the reasons why i cant get a modification at that time after the temporary. I did this and at the same time I got the hardiest hit assistance for 18months until XXXX XXXX and Wells Fargo told me to contact them after that which I did. The whole run around started again, I was told per the quick claim deed the co-signer would not be considered by the first person per the start of what i did in XXXX, but the next specialist came back after I spent allot of time filing out the paper work to get the process going and told me another story that I would need to include the co-signer and the rules from XXXX has changed per the quick claim deed. But I was already way to invested into this, and continued with the co-signer which was not easy as she does n’t want anything to do with this and do n’t care if it goes into foreclosure!
After almost 3 months of working on the modification process with Wells Fargo and 5 different loan modification specialist also starting back in XXXX etc. I just now got a call from XXXX XXXX stating there is nothing they can do per the co-signer on the loan and I cant refi because I file bankruptcy in XXXX and have to wait 2 years to do a refi.
I found XXXX XXXX info by contact XXXX out of TX who told ( they also really helped me understand my financial and how to apply for modification properly unlike Wells Fargo who did n’t help me at all filing my papers ) to contact FHA/HUD ( who I have my load with ) and ask them directly, they told me 3 different story ‘s also, favoring with them NOT including the co-signer only to get with XXXX XXXX who told me a different story but put me in contact with XXXX XXXX and thats where I ‘m at today.
Why I ‘m filing today is the fact that I spent so much time and waisted money, resources and more only to get the same answer I could have been told from the start instead of leading me to think it was possible and I still feel Wells Fargo should honor the co-signer not to be on the loan because they do n’t live in the house, have not help me ever even when I was almost 3 months late in XXXX etc. and is there in recourse I have for anything they have done you might think could help me here?
Thanks XXXX

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