Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have been dealing with B of A since XX/XX/XXXX non stop until todays date. But I am going to cut to the most recent issue. My house burned down in XXXX XXXX I asked the bank for a payoff stmt, they sent it to me XX/XX/XXXX, I paid them off ( more than I owed ) in XXXX XXXX from the insurance money. They kept charging me mortgage, late fees, interest, insurance, etc. and want {$100000.00} more. Now I am in foreclosure and they sent me a letter that they are selling my property ( my property with no house on it but paid off ).
* My husband lost his job in XXXX, we applied for a loan modification, it too a very long time.
* we were denied, we re-applied.
* My husband died in XXXX XXXX * I applied for a different loan modification, it took a very long time, * I was denied, I re-applied * It took a very long time, I was put in a foreclosure during my modification several times, * They put a letter on my house that they are going t sell my house while in a loan modification, so I brought it current with my husbands life insurance money, but still could n’t afford the payments, *I was denied a loan modification, * I re-applied, I was denied, I re-applied again, both times taking a very long time. They continuously asked me for faxes they said they never received, for updated bank statements and check stubs for employment verification, *XX/XX/XXXX I received a denial letter, *XX/XX/XXXX my house burns down in a fire, * XXXX XXXX I ask for a pay off statement * XXXX XXXX I receive the payoff statement so XXXX XXXX I pay off the loan, paying more than I owe ( which my bank statement still show today ) *they have been charging me mortgage payments, late fees, interest, taxes, they added their own insurance.
*Asked for around {$100000.00}, and put me in foreclosure, * I received several letters that now they are going to sell my property, * I have talked to so many people at bank of America XXXX I have tried to fix the situation numerous times, I have written a few complaint letters, I have sent many many faxes & over-nighted documents ( duplicates ) some faxes are over XXXX pages long ( this is expensive ) *My XXXX is high!!
* My health has declined *My credit is ruined, it has been bad for 6 years. After the fire they had a disaster relief thing where you can apply for a loan to rebuild your home & they denied me because they said my credit showed my house was in foreclosure, I told them I have no house it burned down and I still paid off the loan. I told them I had the cancelled check form my insurance company showing bank of America taking the money and everything.
*They took the majority of my husbands life insurance, bot in the lump sum to pay up on behind payments so they would n’t selling it then on the mortgage I could not afford. Then they took nearly {$290000.00} of fire insurance money ( I only owed $ XXXX-which my bank ” still ” shows after almost 3 years ) now they racked up XXXX dollars more in fees and want to take my property ( which is all I have left from my husband ). How are they able to do this? If I knew I needed an attorney I would have kept some of that money I paid them to retain an one, now I do n’t have money for afford XXXX.

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