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In response to complaint # XXXX because for some reason I can not add anything in to that already submitted complaint.
We only have a mortgage with this company ( Selene ) because it was moved by the government from XXXX XXXX XXXX which it was moved there from XXXX and before that it was moved from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Before that we had XXXX and before that we had XXXX. We ‘ve been moved around so many times it is ridiculous. We want to stop feeling like we are being bullied by the bank who currently holds our mortgage. We want to stop feeling lied to and abused. We want to stop having to feel like keeping our house is killing our family financially.
In addition to our paperwork being reviewed and a major mathematical error being found literally days after I submitted my last complaint that allowed for our home loan modification to move forward, we have now run into a whole new set of issues with the same loan modification. We completed the necessary trial payments as directed in the XXXX XXXX paperwork and on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX Selene mailed us a packet of information to fill out and return with a new set of trial payments to be made starting XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. We filled out the necessary paperwork and made the XXXX/XXXX/XXXX trial payment but nothing in our online account has been updated and still says we have not made a payment since the XXXX payment. When my husband contacted Selene to see what was going on, we were told that they were not able to read the notary stamp as it had flattened in mailing. We were informed that a new set of paperwork should have automatically gone out to us but for some reason it had not. A new packet was sent that has a higher principal balance than our online account shows as well as a higher percentage rate than our online account shows. How can they just change our percentage rate when we have a fixed rate mortgage? Also, they are requiring us to enroll in ACH where they plan to automatically and electronically take money out of our bank account each month in order to satisfy our payment. We are not okay with that and when we asked them to not include that as it makes us uncomfortable, our request was denied and no reason was given.
We asked for a HAMP or HARP in order to fix our principal of approximately {$240000.00} to more closely align with our actual market value of approximately {$150000.00} ( updated as of today, not as of our request ). They told us that they doe not refinance loans they only modify them. Is n’t HAMP / HARP government programs that are not actual refinance options but principal forgiveness programs for those who are severely upside down on their mortgage loans? Also, we keep getting certified mail asking us to call in to set up an interview but when we call, we get bounced around into perpetuity and eventually hung up on. Also, Selene calls my cell phone every single morning ( 7 days a week ) and when I answer, they hang up. When I call them back they tell me they have no idea why I ‘m still getting daily robo calls and they ‘ll remove my account from that. When we call in to try to verify things or ask for clarification, we are routed to XXXX XXXX whose voicemail box is full and then we are hung up on. XXXX XXXX has not returned a call to us in months – I ‘d venture to guess it has been over a year. This is the longest, most ridiculous process we ‘ve ever been through. We have XXXX acres and XXXX square feet of living space in a XXXX. How can they possibly think that is worth a XXXX dollars? We literally could NEVER sell our home and NEVER gain any equity in the forseeable future. Please help!

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