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I have been in constant contact with CitiMortgage regarding a short sale of my home and have been working with a company that is assisting me. Following is a summary : We have direct communication with the negotiator and his name is XXXX XXXX. Previous offer was declined because it was only {$200000.00} and the Buyer cant increase the offer. The offer was terminated and we got a new cash offer from a new Buyer with {$220000.00} offer price.

XXXX XXXX : New offer of {$220000.00} was sent to Citi Mortgage since they required this amount so that they will accept for the short sale. Offer sent together with Closing Disclosure and Buyer ‘s Proof of Funds.

XXXX XXXX : He said that he didnt receive the Closing Disclosure so I sent it the same day together with the vacancy letter that he requested.

XXXX XXXX : He said it was submitted to a closing negotiator and has 5-10 business days to review.

XXXX XXXX : Email received from XXXX XXXX ( Liquidation Negotiator ). He asked some Buyer info and other documents which was provided the same day.

The negotiator is out of office and will be back XXXX XXXX. If I call to the Point to Contact named XXXX XXXX, he will always refer me back to the negot ( R ) iator. He said once the file was endorsed to the negotiator he ca n’t do something about it because the Negotiator will be the one who will move the file.

XXXX XXXX : Below is the email from the negotiator : Good day!
I appreciate your follow-up. This offer is with the investor at this time. No determination or request has been made yet. I will provide the determination to you as promptly as it is returned to me. Thank you for working with CitiMortgage.
I follow up on this daily but they reply once every week that is why it was very slow. This was also escalated to FHA HUD via XXXX XXXX ( XXXXXXXXXXXX my information : Name : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX # XXXX Type of loan : FHA loan Lender : Citi Mortgage XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. XXXX MD XXXX Can you assist me so that the buyer will not get upset and not buy my house?

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