Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Early last year I fell behind in my mortgage payments due to loss of income. After a few months when I was getting back on my feet, I began seeking hardship assistance so I could get back on track. I applied for help through the government program XXXX. I was contacted by XXXX XXXX at Affordable Housing Corp, who has been helping me through this process.
I started seeking assistance through loan modification in XXXX of XX/XX/XXXX, when I was 3-4 months behind on my mortgage. For nine months now I have been submitting all requested documents, signing forms, writing letters of explanation about every thing, completing their ” hardship affidavits ” and ” workable solutions package ”, meeting their every requirement in a timely manner. I was told repeatedly that when they had a complete application with everything they needed, that my request would be submitted for review, and at that point any foreclosure process would cease until a determination had been made.
In XXXX XX/XX/XXXX I was notified that my loan had been turned over to attorneys for foreclosure. I continued to submit all required documents with the expectation of being notified at any time that they were stopping the foreclosure process because they had everything they needed. However, the requests for new paystubs and bank statements, etc. never stopped, and I continued meeting their requests in a timely manner. Sometimes two or three weeks would go by before I got another required document request, and the whole time the sale date of XXXX XXXXXX/XX/XXXX ( tomorrow! ) kept drawing nearer.
Though I was assigned a homeowner support specialist, she was not available for me to get in touch with, without scheduling a phone appointment with her several days in advance. Sometimes I would receive the call I was waiting on, sometimes I would not. My emails went unanswered, and my questions and concerns ignored.
I received a letter from Citimortgage early in XXXX, dated XXXX XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX, stating that ” Your application for mortgage assistance is complete … Foreclosure activity will cease while your complete application is being evaluated for hardship assistance. We expect to complete our review by XXXX/XXXXXX/XX/XXXX … ” Foreclosure activity WAS NEVER CEASED, and now my home of 12 years is scheduled for sheriff ‘s sale tomorrow, XXXX XXXX.
While desperately trying to get the sale postponed over the last week, I have been told, ” Sorry, we ca n’t help you, ” and ” Sorry Ma’am, timing was not in your favor. ” Not XXXX person will admit that they have dropped the ball and messed up, nor will anyone from the mortgage company step up to help get this sale postponed so my situation can get a fair review.
I have been cheated out of a fair chance to save my home. I have explained to them that I could have been making my payments for the last XXXX months if they had just worked with me, and I have WANTED to make my payments. It was brought to my attention that they have violated your Regulation XXXX XXXX, and I would like my official complaint to be on record. I have not only NOT been treated fairly, I have been outright lied to repeatedly — and no one cares.
I have tons of correspondence from them, and XXXX XXXX at Affordable Housing Corp in XXXX, Indiana, can verify and document everything I am saying. I accept responsibility for getting behind in my payments, but I have made cooperating with their every request a priority so I could save my home. I was told that in a matter of a few days, if the sale is not postponed, that I would be TRESPASSING in my own home! How can that be when THEY have not lived up to their spoken and written word???
While dealing with all this, my father passed away XXXX XXXX, and yet I have met their every demand, only to be told it was n’t good enough. The stress, unfairness, and uncertainty is almost unbearable. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME??

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