Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

On XX/XX/XXXX a complete modification package was sent to SPS. ( see attached ) A confirming email was received ( see attached ) The homeowner had a sale date set for XX/XX/XXXX.Our office called SPS and spoke to XXXX XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX and she stated the docs were received and they will be sent to processing. ( pull the call as they are recorded ) On XXXX we called SPS and spoke to XXXX XXXX who stated the docs are being reviewed. ( pull the call as they are recorded ) The sale date of XXXX was postponed until XX/XX/XXXX.Our office continued to call weekly for updates on the review. Every week we were told the file is being reviewed. On XX/XX/XXXX we called SPS and spoke with XXXX XXXX who stated the file was denied, but no denial letter was sent.On XX/XX/XXXX we called SPS and spoke to ” member of management : XXXX XXXX ID XXXX. We told her no denial letter was ever sent yet we have correspondence from them that the docs were indeed sent in for review. That we have all call logs and records ( see attached ) from every employee we spoke to weekly with regards to the review. She reviewed the file and stated she sees where we spoke to the employees but that NO REVIEW WAS EVER OPENED as there was a sale date on XX/XX/XXXX. She contradicted what EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE STATED. She continued to repeat ” there was a sale date on XX/XX/XXXX we could n’t review the file. ” Once the sale date was postponed what was the excuse? She than stated it had to be in review 37 days before the sale date. THE SALE DATE WAS POSTPONED, WE HAVE CORRESPONDANCE FROM SPS VIA EMAIL AND WE HAVE DOCUMENTED CONVERSATIONS REGARDING THEIR EMPLOYESS TELLING US THE FILE WAS IN REVIEW. We informed her of all that information and she continued to make excuses. She then stated that XXXX did not move the ” file forward. ” SPS records the calls!!! They need to review all calls dated XX/XX/XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX when we spoke with XXXX XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX when we spoke to XXXX XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX when we spoke to XXXX XXXX and then XXXX XXXX.For this to happen to a file is unacceptable. This file slipped through the cracks. At this time we are demanding the sale date be postponed or we will move forward with legalaction naming SPS as a defendant in a civil suit.Mr. XXXX has had issues after issues with SPS and it is apparent that they have neglected this file. Furthermore they have discriminated against XXXX XXXX based on his race, ethnicity, national origin, language, sex, and marital status. It is very obvious that SPS would rather foreclosure on the home than assist the homeowner. Lastly, there is an open dispute with their institution from XX/XX/XXXX that has NOT BEEN resolved, yet they are still trying to sell the home. That further proves their intention regarding the home as well as discrimination against the homeowner.

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