Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

My home and the last remaining asset I own of any significance is currently up for Trustee sale XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX ( property address = XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX, Ca. XXXX. Trustee Sale no. XXXX ) despite the fact that the title has NOT BEEN DULY PERFECTED. In fact, the purported beneficiary has literally had years and numerous opportunities to demonstrate the extent of their ownership of the debt and have literally provided absolutely NOTHING to show ANY claim to title. Fact is – despite my numerous inquiries via QWR and phone calls their only reponses have been as follows : 1. TO FILE A BOGUS ASSIGNMENT – supposedly signed by ” XXXX XXXX ” as ” Vice President of XXXX. ” but the problem is that we have been looking for XXXX XXXX in this capacity for years and there is literally no indication or evidence whatsoever that he was EVER the V.P. of XXXX. AND THEREFORE HE SIMPLY DID NOT HAVE THA AUTHORITY TO ASSIGN ANYTHING AT ALL. Call this ” Assignment ” whatever you want – and we all know there has been much legal debate about this – but THE REAL LIFE EFFECT this has had on me and my property is to PARALYZE and OBSTRUCT my ability to work with the asset. You see for years I have had individuals ready and willing to place funds into this property ( invest, loan, etc. ) because it is highly unique as it ‘s zoned for XXXX units and situated in a superb location. This is really why I bought it as a retirement vehicle because I knew some day I could devlope it or strike some sort of deal to have it developed and earn revenue share on the project. But every single time the subject and FACTS surrounding this ” Assignment ” comes up and the individual looking to put money in looks into it they come back – every single time – and pull out … specifically due to the bogus ” Assignment. ” So once again, the purported beneficiary ‘s bogus ” Assignment ” along with its unwillingness to clear it up, cure it, explain it, clean it up or something … anything at all has literally trapped me in my home and has prevented me from taking on investors, friends, family, private loans, etc. because we all know by now that there is clearly a title issue with this property – otherwise they ‘d simply send all the appropriate TRUE SALES documents along to show that the Assignment fits into a legal chain of title … but instead they have simply responded with nothing except the following document ( once again, this is the ONLY letter of ANY substance I have ever received from my QWR ‘s requesting info. on title ) ….
2. The letter was from XXXX – an entity that at that time was claiming a newly acquired interest in my property ( without any supporting documents of course ) – and it was dated XXXX XXXX, XXXX and signed by XXXX XXXX as XXXX XXXX of the President. It basically goes on to admit that a XXXX employee had stolen my personal information including my social security number and all else and had likely sold that info to third parties. It also goes on to say that they will monitor my account closely, etc. etc.
Does that sound like a clarification of title??? Does this in any way help us know whether or not the Originator ( decision XXXX ) properly transferred its interest to the Seller/Sponsor ( XXXX. ). Or the Seller/sponsor to the Depositor ( XXXX. ). Or the Depositor to the trustee and trust ( the bank of new York ). Does that letter at all answer in any way these very important chain of title and true sales questions?? No!! In fact all it does is further convolute an already dirty title story so that all we are left with is that which has been actually RECORDED – AND YES THAT ‘S THE BOGUS ASSIGNMENT SIGNED BY XXXX XXXX ( Doc. # XXXX in the XXXX county recorders office ).
How could anybody invest in a property like this?

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