Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I had a mortgage with Green Tree from XXXX XXXX thru XXXX of XXXX and went thru pure XXXX. I quit working in XXXX XXXX to file for XXXX for multiple issues and was able to pay my mortgage until XXXX XXXX when I started calling Green Tree to see what options I had. After NUMEROUS packets were returned to them and document after document being mailed and faxed and MULTIPLE calls to names of people, dates/times of when I spoke with them, I continued to be told either I did n’t include ” something, ” or they ” never received ” my paperwork, or some other excuse, Green Tree started a ” Deed-in-lieu-of sale ” that I NEVER AGREED to. LONG STORY SHORT, I went to a local attorney when Green Tree CONTINUED to charge me fees AFTER I borrowed money from a family member and brought my acct CURRENT in XXXX XXXX, for cutting my yard ( which I have documentation that somehow my lot of XXXX XXXX GREW to XXXX with a small cottage with front and back decks ), for them to ” winterize ” my home on XXXX XXXX AFTER I had just spent the weekend of XXXX XXXX there, cut the grass and took care of everything. I was charged attorney ‘s fees by Green Tree during ALL of this AFTER MY ACCOUNT had been brought CURRENT until it FINALLY STOPPED in XXXX XXXX! The local attorney sent a complaint to Green Tree, BUT they denied any wrong doing and as a result my attorney told me she was not equipped to handle these cases. I contacted a ” pro bono ” type place in XXXX, and never could speak with an actual person. I gave up and finally refinanced with XXXX XXXX as SOON as I could in XXXX of XXXX, 4 months AFTER being awarded XXXX, and 3 months AFTER being diagnosed with XXXX. I know that last part is ” not relevant ” but it was one thing after another. I went thru a lot of emotional issues and XXXX ALL documented by my family XXXX PRIOR to XXXX. I ‘d rather have XXXX again than deal with Green Tree. I did receive a check today for {$21.00} which I did n’t know anything about, but THEY owe me some XXXX behind that amount. My XXXX children had to hear a lot of conversations that took place UNFORTUNATELY. They were so excited when I refinanced ; that ‘s just sad, BUT TRUE! I have all my paperwork that ‘s about an inch thick, including some stuff from Green Tree I received that was sent out ” accidentally ” by a GT employee, which I was told by XXXX these were ” for internal use only ” within GT. They showed the amounts I was being charged for my ” expanding lot, ” and debris removal, and additional charges. Where do I go from here? Is there someone I can be referred to? How do I get an attorney to handle a case like this when I was stone-walled before? How can I recover more than just {$21.00} when I was literally CHARGED for services and told LIES ( at one point XXXX with GT told me in XXXX XXXX that the City of XXXX XXXX filed a ” complaint ” against me b/c my grass was ” too high ( which I had NO such notice at the location ). ” After going to C. of XXXX in XXXX XXXX and inquiring about this, they said they had never heard such a thing and they do n’t do things like that. They have ” no way of knowing what mortgage company ” someone uses if any and there have to be multiple complaints and allow the property owner a chance to fix the issue ( at which point I went around the neighborhood taking pictures of ” jungle lots ” that had not been touched in years. ) Sorry so lengthy. You have no idea! I knew these things would come up and I have been waiting PATIENTLY. Please help me and let me know what I need to do from here. Thank you, XXXX

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