Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

My boyfriend left me back in XX/XX/XXXX. I was full-time employed at the time, but fighting to keep my job due a discrimanation case against my employer. My account was XXXX payments beyond during that time, and my lender refused to accept any of my payments. I tried making a total of XXXX full payments every XXXX weeks, and each time the payments were returned back to my checking account. I spoke to a rep and they advised that if I did not make XXXX out of the XXXX payments, the loan would be foreclosed on. So I attempted to take the money out of my XXXX. I received the check to cover the XXXX payments, and I called the lender to workout arrangements for a XXXX time. They agreed to give me the options to gradually get caught up,, and advised that the first payment would need to be around XXXX to start the plan. I said ok, I have the funds, just waiting on the money to clear. XXXX days later I called back to make the payment, but to find out, the account was sent to Foreclosure and that XXXX was needed to bring the account current. In XX/XX/XXXX I completed the loss mitigation packages. I was hoping for some relief, but then I was denied. They claimed I ‘ve already received help from a company called XXXX in XX/XX/2016, and that my debit to income ration indicted, that I would still be struggling to make payments after a repayment plan. It also stated that because I was still working, I was not eligible for any assistance. So in order for them to help me. I would need to be jobless. ( Stupid right? ) In XX/XX/XXXX, I lost my job and re appealed.
Finally, I was offere a forbearance plan at XXXX a month, for the next XXXX months. In the meantime, I ‘ve received a lump some of money to bring the account current and was told by XXXX, a XXXX at Dovenmule. That If I did that, He would bring my account current and give me the option to gradually get caught up on the attorney fee ‘s. I called back to set up the arrangement with him. But he song a different tune, and told me to call the attorney, their was nothing he could do .Working with this company has only proven to me that they really do n’t care about helping the consumers save their home .I feel like I ‘m being forced to lose my home and its really sad to go through this. Also, I ‘ve received a total of XXXX reinstatement letters from the attorney, and the first XXXX letters, the attorney fees were XXXX. When I requested the XXXX XXXX, the fee ‘s jumped up to XXXX on top of my delinquent amount .Which their stating I now have to pay XXXX to bring the account out of foreclosure. When I should be around {$7800.00}. I ‘m not sure why there charging me extra fee ‘s, when the loan is suppose to be on hold due to the Modification process.
I cant win! I suffer from XXXX. I need your help.
I would like my loan brought current and out of foreclosure. I would like a mod if possible with a fresh start. Or all the attorney fee ‘s waived and given the opportunity to bring my account current without the fee ‘s

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