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XXXX XXXX is my new Foreclosure Auction Sale date. This is the 3rd one since XXXX and I ‘d like it postponed.
Why? I ‘ve been in loan modification XXXX with Chase bank since XXXX of XXXX and have yet to receive an answer!
Current on my payments until XXXX XXXX, I was advised by Chase that I had to be a minimum of 3 months behind to qualify for their loan modification program. At that time my loan was {$420000.00} and the value approximately {$80000.00}.
For nearly FOUR years, Chase has repeatedly removed my COMPLETE file from Underwriting, requesting information they ‘ve already been given multiple times, confirmed by my fax receipts. I have provided everything they ‘ve asked for many many times and have resorted to sending documents ONLY from a CHASE bank so that they can no longer claim to have ” ” not received ” them. They ‘ve even claimed to have lost my file entirely and I ‘ve had to start over … once more.

Now, today, another new contact person ( XXXX since XX/XX/XXXX ), requesting documents they already have, while keeping the XXXX XXXX foreclosure auction date in force.

This is emotional blackmail.

According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Chase bank is STILL out of compliance with their XXXX bailout/fines deal, continues to violate the Homeowners Bill of Rights and are Duel Tracking. Where is the accountability?
Under NO circumstances … 9 years after the market crash and 4 years AFTER XXXX deal with the gov’t, does it take almost FOUR years to determine if a person qualifies for a Principle Reduction for a severely underwater loan which today has inched towards HALF of the loan amount in value!
Please intercede on my behalf and stop this foreclosure and insist that Chase Bank comply with one of their options, a Principle Reduction for Severely Underwater Property, that they agreed to in exchange for their taxpayer Bailout.

Thank you

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