Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I received my coupon from Nationstar Mortgage for XXXX payment and saw it had increased by {$830.00}. When I called them to inquire why, they said my 10 year adjustable rate interest only note had set to principle and interest and amortized over 20 years to be paid in full. I asked why I was n’t notified sooner and was told I was sent a letter in XXXX. Since I had never received it, ( my mortgage was transferred to them from XXXX in XXXX ) they just sent me a copy ( received today ). I ‘m blindsided! Had I seen it earlier I would have applied for a Harp loan to make this payment more affordable. I did apply and was turned down because of the 30 day late notice from my second trust holder, XXXX, placed on my credit report this month!
When I got these loans back in XXXX XXXX, my husband had just died 6 months earlier, and my son was going off to college. I am the original owner of this home since XXXX and I would never had placed a 1st trust mortgage with a 2nd trust equity line ( needed because my son was going to college ) with a 10 year knife hanging over my head knowing both mortgages would set at the same time and increase my payments combined by {$1800.00} a month without doing something about it before it happened. Now I stand to lose my house because I just learned today when I applied for a Harp loan that the second trust holder, XXXX put a 30 day late payment on my credit because my payment went up with them as well and my automatic payment to them was insufficient. Now I am told with the 30 day late ( my first ) I can not apply for a Harp loan. I am going to be forced out of a house I have lived in over 30 years into housing that will be more expensive at the age of XXXX! Why?
I ‘m asking for these lenders to work with me and not force me out of my home. If I ‘ve made my payments on time, every time, except for this month with XXXX over lack of communication, why ca n’t I get approved for a fixed rate harp loan, amortized over 30 years while interest rates are low? While I tried several times, I was told I ca n’t qualify for a regular refinance because my ratios are too high! XXXX says they wo n’t even send me a statement until I pay what is owed fully. What they report as delinquent is not the amount owed. I am shaking my head. How can something like this happen? Is it the intention of the banking industry to put people out on the street with these predatory lending practices and dangerous loans? I got a loan I could afford when I needed it most and never realized it could jump almost {$2000.00} in one month for the next 20 years, especially without due notice. As soon as I found out I called the lenders and asked for help, having it fall on deaf ears and my credit destroyed. Can you help?

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