Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have a home loan through PNC. I lost my job last XX/XX/XXXX and when I did I contacted them and told them what happened and that I would need assistance with my mortgage. They sent me a huge packet to fill out. I filled that out and got all the required information together and faxed it back to them. It cost me {$140.00} to fax it to them. Two weeks went by and I did n’t hear anything. Then a couple months went by. I called and was told that I had been taken out of loss mitigation and put into forclosure for non payment. I said wait what? I filled out the packet and sent everything in. I called and left messages and no one called me back. So the lady told me that they needed more information. They needed my grocery receipts to prove I bought groceries, a bill for HOA fees ( I told them I do n’t pay HOA I pay condo fees and I do n’t get a bill ). A lot of stuff I ca n’t get or that does n’t exist. They wo n’t work with me at all. I made a {$1200.00} payment and they said they are sending it back. They refused my payment!!!! Is n’t there a law about refusing a payment that it ‘s considered bill paid in full? This bank is horrible period. They absolutely will not work with me at all and I have been trying for months. I have a little girl and husband. I ‘m now connected with XXXX but they recommended I file a complaint with you. I ‘m hoping you can help as well. Something has to be done with this company. It ‘s ridiculous.

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