Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

In XXXX XXXX I was offered a {$11000.00} cash for keys deed in lieu for XXXX of my investment properties of which I am in default since XXXX. I supplied all the documents. In XXXX my case manager, told me all documents were in and filed with each house. He told me there was n’t enough time to save XXXX of the houses ( XXXX ) as the Sheriff Sale date was only a few days away. I had to except that. I lost the house. Then another property ‘s ( XXXX ) Sheriff Sale date came up and I was told it was too late because there were no documents on file. Later we found out the papers were filed incorrectly by the case manager. I lost that house but I appealed. I tried to get loan modifications but the offers were not in my best interest, then I was offered a {$11000.00} cash for deed in lieu for XXXX of my properties. XXXX property went through I received my check for {$11000.00}. Please note all the same documents were requested at the same time and received and successfully transacted for this property Once the papers were filed, it was up to the case manager to sort them and file them with the different properties. I have submitted a letter of appeal for ( XXXX ) The bank went ahead with the foreclosure claiming I did not file papers in time. Later we found out the papers were filed incorrectly. Another Property ( XXXX ) the bank decided to withdraw their offer in XXXX XXXX for {$11000.00} claiming there is a rule against cash for keys when a house has a Sheriff sale date. Now my new case manager XXXX has informed me the bank will not offer the cash for keys because the house is in active foreclosure. What? Why?? XXXX of the houses were in active foreclosure when they made the offer in XXXX. Suddenly the rules have changed? I was given the offer for the Deed in Lieu with {$11000.00} for ( XXXX ) with the tenants remaining in the house. Late XXXX I was told to have them move out and I should pay off a {$1700.00} lien and then I could reapply. Suddenly the rules changed. To be honest I do n’t trust the bank and their offers anymore. I was not going to kick my tenants out before XXXX and if I do have them vacate, I do n’t trust the bank will keep their promise. Will I still get the {$11000.00}? I find it awful that they want everything in writing from me, but from the bank, everything is verbal. I can not kick these tenants out unless I see the offer in writing from the bank. Needless to say and I am upset. Before I went into default we these mortgages, I ALWAYS paid my mortgages on time. I always paid all my bills on time. If my credit report was judged solely on my payment habits, I would have had an excellent credit rating. But since the XXXX economic crash, having XXXX loans made me a high risk. No banks would consider me for refinancing my high interests. My tenants were struggling, my houses need repairs. Land lording was getting more difficult and stressful. My health was failing, my finances were failing. I did not qualify for credit. YET I still paid my bills on time as of XXXX.Then I was advised but several resources, accountants, lawyers, financial advisers to stop making mortgage payments then the bank will listen and make offers to modify, offer deedinLieu or shortsale. But it took forever!! So much paper work. The loan modifications were a risk. Short sales were not getting offers. I wanted to get out form under this pressure. Then the bank offered {$11000.00}. I did n’t ask for it they offered it! I am not a professional landlord. I have tried to manage these investment properties for 15 years. I have evicted XXXX tenants. Made too many renovations. Now ( XXXX ) is in repair due to frozen pipes. Landlording has putting me into a financial nightmare and caused my health to declined. All I ask is that the bank take the houses as they offered and pay me the {$11000.00}. Thehouses are in good shape. I cooperated in every way possible. Why are they changing the rules again!

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