Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Hurt on job XX/XX/XXXX. Fired XX/XX/XXXX ( Performance ) Never been in trouble.
Collecting workmanship comp. After 7 months of NO PAY.
Flagstar is the Lender on a VA HOME Loan.
In the process of rectifying issue. Need to Refinance lower interest rate. Always Way too High. XXXX never explains anything to me. I paid 6 moths of low payments NEVER late!! Bad credit report and they never even gave me options. I have equity in my home. Should I not be aware of my choices? I receive money and pay them whatever they say, Ive never been in such a place. Im a hard working veteran WHO got hurt was fired and having XXXX soon. Can someone help me and explain it all to me? Can I call another lender? Am I allowed to use whomever I want?

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