Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

To whom it may concern, I had a mortgage with Wells Fargo since XX/XX/XXXX, and just recently XX/XX/XXXX my house was foreclosed upon and sold at sherriff sale. I tried for a loan modification with them supplied them EVERYTHING they needed twice. They did not help me, said I did n’t qualify because I did n’t make enough money to pay a mortgage. So now we have to be out of our house by XXXX per the sherriff. I am highly XXXX, considering Wells Fargo was bailed out by the government and they could n’t even help me and my children keep my house. I am tired of playing the game with the mortgage company considering they are getting an empty house when it has n’t even been sold, and putting a family of XXXX on the street, with as of right now nowhere to go while they sit making their XXXX figure checks, I hope they can sleep at night knowing this. I am not going out without a fight, this is my house and I could have been paying them something even if it was not what they were asking for monthly, they could have obliged!!!! Also my housing Counselors office ( XXXX ) that was supposed to file all my paperwork, had me do everything minus what I could n’t and she could do. I feel they did not go above and beyond helping the customer out while them too are getting government funding to do their job, it ‘s a disgrace how many times I had to go to court to be told the same thing that Wells Fargo is tired of trying to help me out … really, when did you try to help me out? When you sent me the foreclosure papers, not helping me with a loan modification, sherriff sale eviction, which one did help me out again with, I ‘m confused. They should be ashamed of themselves all of them, from the top to the bottom. You did n’t help anyone out but yourselves in your pocket.

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