Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

First of all a little background. Since refinancing our mortgage XX/XX/XXXX, which was the WORST mistake, our mortgage has been ” sold ” 3 maybe 4 times to random companies. We now have Select Portfolio Services. ( SPS )? Does n’t sound like a mortgage company or bank to me.?
We have been asking for assistance for home retention for the past year. The amount of paperwork and hoops we ‘ve had to jump through is unnecessary. We ‘ve sent everything we have and it ‘s not good enough. They ‘re asking for tax documents, which we ca n’t provide at this time so per my husbands conversations with customer service, we sent pay stubs and XXXX forms for proof of income. We ‘ve tried to explain we are n’t applying for a new loan and the amount of paperwork their requesting is what you have to provide for a new mortgage or a refinancing. We just want to put our past due amount to the end of our loan and bring us current. We have lived in this house since XX/XX/XXXX, raised our children and pets and we do n’t want to lose it. Because of the economy over the past 10 years we have lost retirement, lost jobs and taken major pay cuts with new jobs. We used to be middle class and now are considered poor! ( according to data polls. ) SPS has not offered any solutions or any other options since we do n’t have the documentation they are requesting. Even though we provided other acceptable replacements for these documents. They give us our own ” personal ” agent to talk with yet when you email you get a response stating they do n’t respond by email. We then receive form letters over and over again stating if we need assistance to send the documentations. We work very long hours for little pay and can not make personal phone calls during the day and prefer email. Mail will work if they can offer solutions and not just send the same documents over and over and over. They say they try to contact us but it ‘s not as often as they claim and we receive many voicemails that are garbled or someone is on there and all you hear is the conversation they ‘re having with coworkers. I ‘m not saying it ‘s SPS but it certainly could be. We ‘ve asked for other options if they wo n’t modify the loan but we receive the same letters asking for the documentation we do n’t have. The last XXXX companies that held our mortgage did n’t ask for anything but a letter as to why we need help and our paystubs. They would then modify the loan and bring us current. One even did it automatically! I do n’t know if these was an Obama thing or not. I recently went on the SPS website to set up several monthly payments in advance but it says my account information is unavailable at this time. I explained we do n’t buy stamps and pay everything online and received a letter that they are going to start legal proceedings. I sent another email asking for help with making payments online and to offer another solution to our situation and again, the same form letters stating they need all of these documents for consideration. We just do n’t know what to do anymore. This country is in really bad shape when the companies holding our mortgages are taking away the only livelihood the middle class, now poor Americans have. Outrageous college loans for our children and lower incomes with ever rising costs of living have destroyed our credit and our ability to have lives anymore. Someone has to help, PLEASE

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