Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Bankof America, N.A. Servicer/Lender PredatoryLoan ( ARM ) XXXX ( 5 year fixed -interest only, 25 year ARM ) apparently funded by Bank ofAmerica , Inc . Originated XXXX .In XXXX as homeownerNOT LATE we asked to do a principal reduction @ the time we were told & have written communication along from several employees, executives ” we do not know who your investor is? ” All of which is documented via email, phone conversations, certified/registered mail. In addition, they reported us late, accelerate on our home by certified mail receipts, created a short sale, declined all requests to pay off loan in full, declined purchase offers all while NOT LATE! They still could not find out who are investor was. NOt too mention they tried to decline payments WHEN WE were not late. They told us ” you have to go late to find out who your investor is. ” Every employee email & executive indicating such. Back & Forth for 2 years, Again still declining any attempt to discuss principal reduction, I even asked ” if you do n’t know then where are my payments going to? ” They spent over 2.5 hrs telling me how to write a hardship letter, what it has to say, how to word yet still declining every attempt to do a principal reduction, & purchase/payoff loan.Through the years we have hired/paid different attorneys, non profits, mailed letters, individuals, spoke with past & present employees WE BLAME THEM & RELIED on their advise by doing exactly what they told usto do.They PUTT US IN THIS POSITION & ALL OUR MONEY LOST. Presently, now we have NOD, Trustee Sale date XXXX. Again they ignore our letters & WE paid AGAIN ATTY & NON PROFIT of which get the same results & at our expense TO HELP US. We finally took their advise went late. Still to get the same answer ” we do not know ” who your investor is ( all documented ) & still turning down any concrete answers AND OUR expense they would reinstate our loan after months & months. During the time & after we took their advise we attended seminars, spoke to attorneys, contacted agencies/individual, wrote letters, again NOTHING! Everyone seems to have an interest in our property or own it, yet no one can tell us who the investor is. Currently, now XXXX XXXX XXXX claiming to be the lender, creditor, debtor all in one acting on behalf of a lender /investor claiming to have interest & own our home? XXXX indicates in the XXXX & XXXX they are acting on behalf of the Lender, our the lender yet we still have no idea who owns our property as we thought we do? There is a scheduled NOTS XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. XXXX or the XXXX, XXXX as Trustee for the Banc of America Mortgage Securities , Inc. Mortgage Pass Through Certificates WHOEVER is the LENDER NOW contradicts IN all their written correspondence have not only an interest, claims to owns, acting on behalf of.., duly authorized … YET ALL ALONG the original contract lender I signed did not even know who are investor was? How can someone sell, transfer, assign if the original entity i signed did n’t even know? All these people, institutions have requested personal & confidential financial information we have complied WITH no results, They IGNORE all of our requests both by Attorneys, Us, NON profits, individuals & AT OUR EXPENSE AGAIN!. It has costs us XXXX & XXXX OF $ . We ARE NOT LATE ON OUR PROPERTY TAXES NOR INSURANCE EVER.NOW we defamed on title, there is NOTS, they continue to ignore all communication by passing me from one person to the next, say one thing doing another, ignoring correspondence from counsel, non profits, individuals & us. THey use computer generated letters. WE now have NOTS scheduled XXXX/XXXX/XXXX authorized agents, duly appointed people, WHICH in itself contradicts. We did EXACLTY as we were told by authorized agents, duly appointed indiv, attorney-in-fact, & employee

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