Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

On XX/XX/XXXX, I reached out to Wells Fargo and informed them that I was having difficulties with making my payments due to my husband ( at the time ) loss of income for the past several months. I was informed that I may qualify for the home modification. Not, knowing much about the process, I agreed to proceed. Shortly after the modification process began, I then lost my job as well. There was minimal to no income for a short period of time. Full modification packages were sent to Wells Fargo several times from XX/XX/XXXX – XX/XX/XXXX. When an trial period plan was finally offered on XX/XX/XXXX, there was approximately {$120000.00} in overdue payment added to the balance of the mortgage. First payment was due on XXXX XXXX ( after years of reaching out to Wells Fargo for assistance ). XX/XX/XXXX, I reached out to Wells Fargo and informed them that my current situation has changed, my husband filed for divorce and moved out. My household income went from XXXX to XXXX. I asked if the trail offer can be reviewed with my income only, Wells Fargo did not respond nor was I informed that it was not an option. XX/XX/XXXX, a sale date was placed on my home. I had to file an action to show cause on XXXX XXXX and had much evidence to present to the judge showing that I ‘ve been reaching out to Wells Fargo for years for a modification, but due to the change in my circumstance was trying to see if there was anything that can be done, if not, I will make the trail payments. The judge ordered Wells Fargo to work with me and reinstate the trail offer payments. During XX/XX/XXXX – XX/XX/XXXX, Wells Fargo and their attorneys refused to speak to me or my attorney. We were told that since the case is in litigation they can not speak to us. During this time, late fees is being accrued. I was sending letters after letters, full modification packages after packages, but no response until XX/XX/XXXX, when was informed that another sale date of XX/XX/XXXX was placed on my home. I reached out to Wells Fargo, pleading with them to work with me. I sent in another modification package, but they refuse to review stating that there was no significant change in circumstance to warrant another review. The fact is my circumstance did change. On XX/XX/XXXX at XXXXEST I received a call from Wells Fargo , and after weeks of giving me the runaround, I was told that unfortunately there was nothing that can be done and my home will go up for sale on XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX. I refused to accept this. On XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX, I was forced to file bankruptcy to stop the sale date. This was only to buy time, so from XX/XX/XXXX to the present time, I have been again sending complete modification packages for review, but each time, XXXX XXXX would respond back that they will not review due to no significant change. I find it mind blowing that Wells Fargo will sell my home to complete stranger, instead of working with me. There is currently another sale date on my home for XX/XX/XXXX. Here ‘s the current status : I ‘ve submitted several offers for my home to either write offer the full amount, the late fees, or offer me the asking sale cost. Proof of funds was provided and I can afford my home. Current mortgage amount $ XXXX and now there ‘s $ XXXX in accrued late fees. WF was selling my home for $ XXXX rather than extending that offer to me. When I started the modification process I was never told that my credit would be destroyed, so although I have a XXXX income, due to my credit score I can not get another home mortgage, rent a location, and do not qualify for low income housing. I have a XXXX year old daughter and Wells Fargo rather have us evicted in lieu of working with me. Is this the system that we have in place? My only option is to pay the late fees ( $ XXXX ) and my mortgage of $ XXXX ( $ XXXX ), but they will sell my home for $ XXXX and have me and my daughter live on the street. NONSENSE!!!

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