Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Case number : XXXX I tried to dispute this case on the form they sent but for some reason it would not send. This is notification that I am disouting the reponse dated XXXX XXXX, 2016. I am writing in reference to the response received from Wells Fargo.

I feel this is not resolved due to the following issues!. They stated they did not disclose personal information. I had XXXX packets left on my door step ( XXXX was taped with electrical tape to the front glass door ( XXXX pages ) and the duplicate copy of XXXX pages of information clearly written FORECLOSURE throughout XXXX page paperwork was strewn throughout my neighborhood and returned in pieces to me by several neighbors, friends, as well as landscapers and plumbers working on my neighbors homes. Extremely humiliating and absolute breech of privacy breech. How can Wells Fargo investigation reveal otherwise and that ets up a red flag. Again, I am in a situation that i did not choose. My spouse of 26 years left myself and XXXX children. I am a full time XXXX and a respected and active XXXX. I have worked hard for 4 years to raise XXXX children and upkeep in our property at XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX MD XXXX. I have requested and applied for loan modification after loan modification and written XXXX hardship letters at least. Spouse and co owener of home is not willing to participate in any of these efforts and requesting home to crumble around myself and children. I had requested several times in writing that his mail from Wells Fargo and the like be mailed to his address in XXXX MD. Sounds as if this is finally resolved and thank you but what about all the correspondence he never received. I have watched people sent out by Wells Fargo to sit outside my home. How unsafe and unnerving is that an had neighbors asking wjhat they were doing? Everyone has a story, but what happened to our family was traumatic enough without all of this additional humiliation and breech of privacy.
I am doing everything in my power to get a modification under my name only so that I can begin making mortgage payments to stay in my home at least until my kids are finished school. As a single mom, I can not afford a {$4000.00} pick a pay loan amount that is an upside down crooked mortgage as it is and I want that point investigated as well. I have spent thousands in an effort to keep this property maintained and have had XXXX flooeded basements in the meantime.

I have contacted XXXX XXXX office and states attorney this month as well as years past and am in recepit of suggestions and recommendations for continued actions to try to keep my home.
Thanks you again for your follow up. I did not even get a sincere apology., I got we are sory you have had frustrations.

Thank you for the continued resoultion and follow up.

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