Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I successfully completed a trial XXXX modification program with Ditech from XXXX through XXXX of 2016 ( due to hardship of divorce ). I paid {$1900.00} per month during the trial. In XXXX I received a letter dated XXXX XXXX congratulating me on the completion and letting me know my new monthly payment would be LOWER than the trial — at {$1400.00} per month!
I called immediately to check this and was told it was correct. I logged on in XXXX to pay my XXXX bill and the {$1400.00} was showing. I also received statements showing this amount.
For XXXX, XXXX and XXXX I paid the lower amount ( before it was due, in full, electronically ).

In XXXX I got a letter saying if I needed help with my payments, I could learn about modification options and that I ‘ve been assigned an account manager ( someone new, not the person who was assigned throughout my trial modification ).

I called immediately and was told that I was in arrears by almost {$5000.00} and that I had to come up with a lump sum to get current. Yet, the collections department ( where my ” new ” account manager sits ) did acknowledge the letter that came AFTER my modification, they claim my notarized modification paperwork was for the higher amount and that I KNEW I should ‘ve been paying it. I confirmed they had the post-trial letter saying AND BILLING STATEMENTS showing the lower payment amount.

I have been calling them repeatedly for the past week or XXXX to get this rectified — their claiming my former modification manager is no longer there ( or available to me ). They, allegedly, have elevated this but it ‘s still not resolved. I withheld my XXXX payment as they were saying it would be applied toward XXXX ‘s mortgage ( remember, I paid XXXX, XXXX and XXXX IN FULL ). The online account showed all that until last week. When I logged on to pay my XXXX bill it had a bunch ” reallocations ” and showed I ‘m in arrears. I ‘m also not allowed to make any electronic payments. I am concerned that the company is going to cause trouble for me here and am thinking it may be wise to retain counsel to help ( although I ‘m broke, after going through divorce, I can ill afford to get XXXX by Ditech ).

Also, Ditech sent someone to my home who took pictures and left a notice on my door — this was on XXXX XXXX. They never alerted me, the person did n’t announce his presence and the form he left on my door saying to call Ditech had no contact name or extension. Not only that, it caused my XXXX XXXX XXXX son some XXXX and XXXX – -he did n’t know if this was someone looking to break in or what was going on. I am sickened by this situation and need some help, please?

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