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The history of this exploding mortgage! This is not a repeat complaint as it related to IRS Tax law and Wells Fargo repeated violations against us by illegally grossing up our taxable social security income under the IRS Tax Law. The HAMP I was offered a carrot of a so called trial payment of almost half of my income that was to high to afford long term and even though I paid it was not converted to permanent modification even after the third, fourth and fifth payment and Wells was still reporting the loan status and to credit bureaus as not current throughout all the trial payments. Ultimately I filed chap XXXX and after Wells recieved the chap XXXX notice, only then did they attempt to convert the trial payments even though the trial payments had stopped for more then 90 days. We felt like it was just another rip off scam to follow the first pickapayment rip off scam and the pickapayment settlement rip off scam. Take a scam number right? How many VERIFIED AND OR SETTLED AND VERIFIED MORTGAGE OWNERS violations must occur before the ENTIRE loan contract is voided for lack of GOOD FAITH AND BAD FAITH participation by Wells FARGO? tHIS LOAN WAS ORIGINATED BY .XXXX 2006 PickAPayment refinance XXXX Investigated violations and signed an agreement to have wells fargo provide an easy, minimum paperwork loan modification called the ” Mortgage Assurance Program ” to all class C settlement members and XXXX our XXXX general notified us by mail that were entitled to the moergage assurance program and were listed and confirmed as class C members.
XXXX XXXX Bank closed before this ” settlement ” and then somehow ” transferred ” either our ” note ” or our loan ” mortgage ” to Wakovia serviced ” trust ” which either?? ” merged ” with Wells Fargo or ” transfered the ownership directly to a Wells Fargo ” trust ”, still without providing the state settled agreement with us, for which they refused to provide any access to this program or to honor this settlement .The loan is now owned and also serviced by Wells Fargo in house.
Loan number XXXX The IRS has a rule that states if your married filing jointly and you have income including you social security income that exceeds XXXX per year then your social security is taxable income. Taxable social security and other income can not be ” grossed up ” by 25 % during a HAMP I or HAMP II or other loan program applications it the income is in fact taxable regardless of how it is entered into the application. Wells Fargo of Florida has violated our original HAMP I application and our HAMP II application as they are refusing to consider our application for HAMP I, Wells is conviently and completely ignoring their own known violations of not only grossing up our social security taxable income which resulted in an unsustainable payment amount ( and continued to report the payments late and waited almost nine months to sign the perm modification and blatenly ignoring the fact that even the sixth, seventh and eight ” so called trial payment ” had stopped becuase we gave up! This was also after the loan became part of our chap XXXX bankruptcy estate and they signed while it was under the courts authority and they refused to ask for the courts to accept the while in chap XXXX aggrement to convert the trial to perm AFTER THE FACT that they admitted they signed whilestill under the courts juridiction which voids it as uninforcable. But again Wells is using this same grossing up the HAMP I, at that payment amount to refuse to grant us a renewed HAMP I and grossing up our income again violating the same violation again and gross up our taxable income which they used those numbers to deny us for too much income for HAMP I or HAMP II or Mortgage Assurance Program or ANY PROGRAMS, now that the home values are going back up!

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