Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I ‘ve been in conflict with Ditech/Greentree since they first took over my mortgage servicing. Their staff can never explain what the issue is with my account. Only that they ‘ve put a ” research ” on it. Nothing has ever come from their ” research ”. In Ditech ‘s XX/XX/XXXX letter which references attachments that were not attached, they state that my payments fell behind due to an escrow shortage. However, my XX/XX/XXXX escrow statement ( attached ) had {$3800.00} in surplus that was sent back to me. In addition, my XX/XX/XXXX escrow also had a surplus ( even though they continue to state my payments were short ). Ditech states they sent me a check, with no amount listed, which was NEVER SENT TO ME! DiTech continues to make false statements. Where ‘s my check? Now, I receive my XX/XX/XXXX statement with more late fees and non-posting of my XX/XX/XXXX payment which they received on XX/XX/XXXX. This bank is a fraud!

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