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Chase Mortgage has ruined my life. Just look how they reported … XXXX LIE! If I ‘d have been that delinquent, do n’t you think they ‘d have foreclosed? I have paid their cheating inflated unsubstantiated monthly note for 16 years since 2001. They SAID THEY THOUGHT WE WERE XXXX YEARS OLD, SO THEY ‘D MISCALCULATED OUR PAYMENT! They ARE International criminals -assessed.what XXXX, or XXXX and supposed to compensate mortgage holders. Not me – they ALWAYS say I ‘m behind ” … uh, because of escrow, or uh, because of shortage in last payment compounded blah blah liars liars thieves. I WILL get a forensic accountant to find where they ‘ve done, besides two times they collected {$12000.00} cash on XXXX or they ‘d foreclose!!! and then sold my house anyway, but I was at the sale and had it stopped! They SO LIE about all. another try, their lawyers had to have certified teller check for {$12000.00} on XX/XX/XXXX ” or else ”. They Systematically deny my application for HARP or mortgage interest lowering ” the underwriters rejected your app ” they MAKE sure something goes wrong so that i ca n’t qualify … like the credit report. now i see the damage they ‘re continuing to do. I ‘ve PAID for that house, which by the way, was an original XXXX in 2001 of {$150000.00}. This report is a refinance from 7.5 down to 5.5. THEN they said we were XXXX!!! The amount then financed was NOT {$150.00}, ooo. it was {$120.00}. Maybe someone can now investigate their ruination of me. THEY called my creditors – I always made my payments, but all of a sudden, all the vendors cut off my credit. I was stunned. Chase did it. Also, they say I was late all those times … can no one see what ‘s going on? ALSO, Finally — at XXXX, my husband got a LOT of pay from OT. Then, in XX/XX/XXXX or XX/XX/XXXX, XXXX stopped it. He still works a lot of events, but he stays HOME 2 or 3 days a week when that happens, then works 18 hour days. We lost $ XXXX every single month. Plus, we had a baby, and he never would take care – to doctor, etc. She got sick I out more than director wanted and I got FIRED!!! at XXXX. I found a great job, but 20 hours only. Still no 40 hour jobs avail. So, we went from fine, with savings adds every month (! ) to no salary from me + then XXXX, and no oT from him. Chase Mortgage THAT month jacked note from {$1000.00} to {$1700.00}, and kept for 6 months. They broke us on purpose, and I lost my good credit name.

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