Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I am currently having XXXX issues with RCS : 1. Their inability to honor my requests to remove PMI from my loan. I ‘ve sent a couple of requests via fax (?!? ) to their Correspondence Department to have PMI removed since I have satisfied their requirements. At no time have they honored my request and have even told me they never received my last XXXX requests. As a result of their ineptitude the most recent payment for XX/XX/XXXX has not been applied to my account which of course made my XX/XX/XXXX payment late … here comes another late fee. 2. They received my XXXX payment on XX/XX/XXXX for a XX/XX/XXXX due date and they did not apply it to my account until XX/XX/XXXX, thus making the payment late. They then charged me a {$130.00} late fee due to their inability to apply my payment timely. They are not acknowledging their error and refuse to credit back the late fee.

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