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On XXXX XXXX, 2016, I went to the drive up window at a local U.S. Bank to make my mortgage payment. I was making two U.S. Bank mortgage payments just as I do every month, though it was slightly later in the month than usual. I have a few rental properties. XXXX separate locations each have their own U.S. Bank mortgage I have owned both for many years.
The teller processed my payment for XXXX the mortgages with no problem or comment. She informed me that her computer would n’t let her accept my payment for the other property. It was really strange, because I have never missed a payment or been later than the XXXX, which is not technically late, and happened only during the recession. My mortgages are in good standing. Eventually I went inside the bank and was told my account had been frozen and I could not make any payments at any local U.S. Bank until they work through something about my mortgage in their insurance department. Their solution was to send my payment by interoffice mail courier to their office in Kentucky, which deals with this!!??
This morning I answered a call from XXXX which turned out to be a recorded message from U.S. Bank Home Mortgage informing me that my payment was overdue and asking me to call them at that number. I did immediately. The entire call took about an hour. My account is not overdue, the problem was that I sent in extra money toward an optional insurance product that is included on my mortgage payment. It costs XXXX per month and every so often, when writing checks to pay, I look at the coupon ‘s XXXX amounts due and I accidentally write the check for the mortgage payment, alone, without the optional insurance. Lately I had done it again. I got a bright idea that I would send in 3 months worth of these optional payments so that next time I make that mistake, they can use some of that money. Silly me, I did n’t know that must be some kind of Big Bank Sin. They froze my account and mailed me a check for my overage and are now reviewing my account. The problem, I realized, was that they would not receive & process my XX/XX/XXXX payment before the XXXX, which would be then considered late, with extra fees and would not look good on my credit. The collections agent handling my call did n’t seem to want me to make a payment right then by having her transfer it directly out of my bank account ( not a U.S. Bank one ). I said 3 or 4 times that I wanted to do that. At last she did, with an added XXXX fee for the service. She said she had to follow her protocol and ask me the required questions before she could take my payment, so I had to agree. She asked me what was the reason I do n’t consistently make my payments on the first of the month? I said, because I was busy and I get there as soon as I can. She did n’t like my answer and asked me again and then asked if I was planning to continue to do that? There were more questions I ‘ve forgotten. Part of the call also included her contacting the customer service department which handles insurance. We had a conference call with that woman and the end result was that I was allowed to make a payment. My account is still frozen.
I I feel the bank is trying to do something illegal. They did not ask me one single question about the other mortgage payment which I made at the same time. I feel they orchestrated this to occur in such a way that they could institute hardships during the upcoming wait time until my XX/XX/XXXX payment arrived, probably after XX/XX/XXXX, which would give them leverage to claim that I was late and charge fees and possibly more. I feel they are acting in bad faith since the entire problem seems to be caused by an over payment. I want my XXXX fee refunded. They caused me much anger and frustration and fear and I ‘m still afraid. Please help me.

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