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This is a Formal Complaint against ; 1. NATIONWIDE TITLE CLEARING INC. For performing Unlawful, deceitful practices by Altering documents to their advantage and filing faulty assignments nominating themselves as the ” Substituted Trustee ” for the benefit of their client and Partner in Crime, XXXX ; And 2. XXXX for Fraudulently attaching themselves to my old loan, UNABLE TO PROVE a Recorded Assignments existed, they ‘ve Falsified Information in order to con me and Trick me into believing they were servicing my loan on behalf of XXXX Bank XXXX ( which XXXX bank has denied having any affiliation with XXXX and my then property in a Formal statement ). Attachments XXXX I was never provided with a signed servicing assignment to XXXX for pooling and servicing my loan. No assignments were ever recorded at the XXXX office. I have the documents & will be happy to forward CFPB the Pooling and Servicing records.
In order to to Deceive Everyone, XXXX Companies mentioned above have joined forces to Forge documents and manipulated the facts to make their Fabricated material appear as legitimate & Lawful. Only by means of False STATEMENTS in a XXXX page letter these XXXX companies are claiming they were entitled to my property and Defrauded me.
A crime has been committed and I Request an Investigation and an Audit of all their records. I guarantee there is no Proof of Assignments or Alleged documents they Claim entitled them to my property & sale Proceeds. So far, a bunch of Bogus Claims without Merit have been made and none have been Dignified by presenting Solid Proof.
In order to Justify their Bogus claims are not Fraudulent, I DEMAND ALL OF THEIR CLAIMS TO BE BACKED UP BY PRESENTING Convincing, and Legitimate HARD CORE EVIDENCE to CFPB, Said EVIDENCE MUST Prove an UNBROKEN CHAIN OF TITLE showing ALL Genuine DOCUMENTS comprising All RECORDED ASSIGNMENTS TRACED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL DATE OF PURCHASE Until Close of Escrow Dated XXXX, 2015 when XXXX Mortgage without having Legal Assignment to collect my sale Proceeds, shamelessly Accepted said Proceeds on their own behalf. In Absence of a TRUE Note owner, I demand to know ON WHO ‘S BEHALF DID XXXX Take my SALE PROCEEDS When contrary to their disclosure, XXXX was NOT the note owner? WHAT TYPE OF PROOF THEY SHOWED THE ESCROW OFFICER to prove entitlement to Steal my Money?!
The Title Report Clearly showed No Lien On my property by XXXX nor any mention of Nationstar or their partner in XXXX Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.
Once again, I demand to see Assignments. A major crime has been committed and It is very Obvious that they ‘ve tried to Manipulate me and the legal System as well so they look the other way. You are our only hope. Please do n’t allow them to Manipulate CFPB as well. These XXXX companies are CRIMINALS and Have Many Fraud Complaints and Lawsuits Filed against them. By checking CFPB site alone, you can see how many have been Victimized by them. When is Enough going to be enough and Criminals brought down to justice?
Please Note that XXXX has been sent the QWR Letter twice and XXXX times Failed to answer my Legitimate Inquiries, Failed to show documentation that I have requested and failed to produce the note and Proof of Assignments to service my loan. XXXX also WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY LIED ABOUT THE TRUSTEE AND OWNER OF THE NOTE by sending me the same LIE FILLED Note, which states ( Our records Indicate … Followed by providing me with Lies about the Trustee, Note Owner, Address and wrong, non working Phone number ). while XXXX clearly denied ever being affiliated with said Property, Why would XXXX ‘s record show such and such lies?! Clearly, XXXX is Not to be trusted and any further Statement letters are NOT to be Accepted as a sufficient reply to my very SERIOUS COMPLAINT. Thanks.

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