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Ocwen Loan Servicing raised additional questions!
Ocwen Loan Servicing responded to our previous complaint in writing dated XXXX XXXX XXXX. The facts are ; Ocwen Loan Servicing mishandled our account, failed to report accurately to all the credit bureaus per documentation. Ocwen stated in paragraph XXXX, ” as previously advised to you, when a dispute is received regarding an account from a regulatory agency such as the CFPB, Ocwen is required to cease credit reporting for the duration of the review. As there were open disputes regarding the above referenced account in the month of XXXX XXXX, no payment history was reported ”.
Per federal law, Fair Credit Reporting Act 15 USC 1681 and Nevada law, XXXX XXXX, all companies reporting to credit bureaus must report accurately. When companies report to the credit bureaus, ” no payment history reported ” this violates federal and state laws! Also, no where within these laws does it state that the creditor ( Ocwen ) must cease credit reporting for the duration of the review. Per, E-regulations 12 CFR part 1002 does not state either that the creditor must cease credit reporting for the duration of the review. I believe that this is Ocwen Loan Servicing policy which does not supersede federal and state laws! By Ocwen Failing to report accurately, Ocwen caused us to be turned down for an auto loan approximately two years ago. This has been an ongoing issue with Ocwen Loan Servicing! ” Please review the other credit reporting complaints filed against Ocwen with the CFPB ”!
Also, I requested Ocwen not to allow XXXX XXXX from the Ombudsman office to respond to my inquiries now or in the future due to her failing to provide the information that we were seeking. As you can see, Ocwen Ombudsman office failed to comply with our requests.
Please provide the following question below in writing!
First, we request to know if Ocwen Loan Servicing has this policy to cease credit reporting for the duration of the review?
Second, if not, please provide the state or federal law that requires companies to cease credit reporting during an investigation from a regulatory agency!
If Ocwen Loan Servicing fails to comply with our requests, Ocwen must be held accountable for their actions including but not limited to the following ; an investigation from federal and state agencies, media complaints, social media complaints, court order, fines being imposed, loss of business license, criminal charges filed, lawsuit, damages, compensation!

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