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I filed a Chapter XXXX Bankruptcy through a paid Bankruptcy Attorney in XXXX ( filed in CA ). All my unsecured credit card and medical bills were included in the BK, but my 1st mortgage with PNC Mortgage was not included and in fact, I continued to pay my house payments as agreed. I never intended to sell my house or go into any foreclosure proceedings because of the Bankruptcy case, which was a direct result of and due to my ongoing medical condition.

Around about XXXX, PNC Mortgage stopped sending me a coupon book for making my monthly mortgage payment. I called them to inquire about why I had n’t received a coupon book and was told it was because I had filed bankruptcy. I explained to them that this mortgage account WAS NOT included in the Chapter XXXX Bankruptcy, and as they could see I have continued to make my mortgage payments on time and as agreed, AND I plan on keeping my home through the bankruptcy.

PNC Mortgage proceeded to tell me that since no reaffirmation agreement was signed that they have to ” code ” my account as included in the Bankruptcy case and then, automatically no coupon book is generated by their computer system!

PNC advised me to contact my Bankruptcy Attorney who filed the original case to discuss getting a reaffirmation agreement drawn up for my mortgage account. I immediately called my XXXX CA Bk Atty, who told me : he NEVER files Reaffirmation Agreements with mortgage companies my Bk case has already been discharged and he ‘s NOT going to go back to the Judge to reopen this case for something he does n’t normally file anyway!
my Atty said to tell PNC Mortgage that they hold the Deed of Trust/Mortgage Note on my home, payments are current, and this account WAS NOT included in the Bankruptcy, therefore NO Reaffirmation Agreement was necessary.

I called PNC Mortgage back to discuss what my Atty had said. PNC said that they could n’t and would n’t change the Bankruptcy status of my Mortgage account and they would not be able to send me a coupon book because of the bankruptcy.

Then in late XXXX or early XXXX, I received a copy of my credit report. The report showed my Mortgage with PNC as being a DEROGATORY ACCOUNT and included in the Chapter XXXX Bankruptcy. Subsequent credit reports to date with all reporting Credit Bureaus show the same negative status despite being CURRENT ; NEVER having been even 30 days late! My Mortgage Loan with PNC Mortgage does n’t even report a correct status on any credit report. This error in credit reporting by PNC Mortgage and their reluctance to change it and/or fix it has seriously affected my reestablishment of credit, my borrowing ability, and my attempts at refinancing my mortgage while rates are at all time lows.

If PNC Mortgage was to correctly report my mortgage payment history, my FICO Score would be greatly improved and increase my chances of refinancing my mortgage to save nearly {$300.00}. Besides, my mortgage was n’t included in the BK and I ‘m not delinquent, so why should PNC Mortgage be able to report XXXX items that are completely incorrect!?!
I beg of you to assist me in getting this issue resolved and reported correctly on all my Reports. My ongoing medical condition limits my ability to work and earn income, so keeping my mortgage current has been a struggle but always my number XXXX priority. Then to have a company like PNC Mortgage haphazardly report incorrect derogatory mortgage information about me is discouraging to say the least!!

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