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I made my house payment online on XXXX/XXXX/16. 1 day before the grace period ended. I logged into my US Bank mortgage account and made the payment. I received the thank you for your payment screen. I then checked my email and I received a confirmation number in an email thanking me for my payment. So I thought it was all good until a week and a half later when I went online and checked my bank account ( NOT US BANK!! ) and noticed they have n’t taken my house payment out yet? I went to US Bank site and now it shows a late fees so I called them and the recording also states I made a payment on XXXX/XXXX/2016. I finally got a lady on the phone and she said there was a clerical error. I said okay so you are going to remove the late fee then right? She said no I told her I have a confirmation email and she said that does n’t mean anything, I told her there was no error when I made the payment and again she said that does n’t matter, I told her that the phone recording says I paid on the XXXX too! Again her answer was that does n’t matter! She also said I have to make the payment on the phone now to avoid the payment being 30 days late which will cost me another {$11.00}? How can they say thank you for the payment, send you a confirmation # and say thank you for your payment and the recording when you call says a payment was made on XXXX/XXXX/16 and STILL charge you a late fee? Also why was I never emailed saying there was an error please call or visit the website? What if I did n’t view my checking account online and waited for the bank statement to come to balance my account? Is this even legal? I would also like to note that I will only pay online now because I had a past late fee and US BANK said they did n’t receive my payment in the mail until after the due date? It was being sent to a location only XXXX state away from me. US Bank claimed they did n’t receive it until after the due date.. I sent the payment in 12 days before the due date. Their excuse was they do n’t control the post office.

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