Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

My mortgage company Nationstar is forcing me to pay 50 % higher monthly mortgage payments, even though I signed up for a FIXED 15 year loan.
In XXXX this year, Nationstar has been demanding, that I pay my monthly mortgages into an ” escrow account ” instead the usual ” mortgage account ”. just because I was late paying my PROPERTY taxes last year, NOT my mortgages, which I paid always on time since the start of my loan 9 years ago.
Their Escrow accounts are for future property debts.
Since I have been paying my property taxes myself since the start of the loan 9 years ago, and was only late paying the property taxes once during that loan period, ( but am up-to-date ). why should I let Nationstar pay my property taxes from now on?, Obviously Nationstar does it, so that can demand huge upfront monies for future property taxes and higher monthly mortgage payments.
In my case they are demanding XXXX — for future property taxes and an increase of 50 % in my monthly mortgage payments, even though I ‘m up-to-date with my property taxes and mortgage payments.
I refused to be pushed into their escrow account and kept paying the same monthly mortgage payments.
Nationstar retaliated by informing all credit rating agencies, that I had NOT paid my monthly mortgages for 5 months, which is an outright LIE.
I paid the mortgages, but refused to pay their higher added-on monthly escrow fees and 50 % higher monthly mortgage premiums.
Because of the blatant lie to the credit agencies by Nationstar, my previous excellent credit rating has dropped down to XXXX.
Nationstar can not tell the credit agencies, that I did not pay my mortgages – that is an outright false statement.
They can only state, that I refused to pay their added monthly exorbitant escrow fees, which is in dispute between us.
.And because I supposedly have not paid my mortgages for the last 5 months ( which is a lie as I just mentioned ), they had the gall to start foreclosing on me too!
Ruining my credit and now foreclosing?
This should not be tolerated, I need help from your agency.
My telephone calls got the go-around, my written communications got no response.
Please read ” XXXX ”, enter Nationstar, and you ‘ll see, there are innumerable complaints against this company..
Nationstar is a predatory Mortgage company in my opinion, they seem to prey especially on elderly people like me, hoping they wo n’t fight back.
They make it impossible for mortgage holders like me, to protest or get into touch with a manager to resolve any dispute.
It seems to be designed that way, please read other complains on ” XXXX ”.

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