Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

My loan was sold to XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX who subbed out the servicing to LoanCare. I have made over 10 phone calls and multiple emails to get them to accurately set up my loan and the only person they will let me talk to is a customer service rep who is limited in their actions. XX/XX/XXXX was the cut over date and the original bank ( XXXX ) sent them the wrong property tax bill. Easy fix I think, well here we are over 60 days later and its still wrong. The first analysis they did at my request the ended up sending us an {$800.00} check for the excess escrow funds. I requested a second analysis on XX/XX/XXXX since the first one was incorrect and I sent them the correct property tax bill and made subsequent phone calls to get an update. No update, lots of promises that a supervisor will call me, that the issue is expediated. Same scripted responses from each customer service rep and those are the only people you can talk to. Email responses are simply canned emails that assigned a ticket number. Well, I have never received the promised call backs or a solution. Today I look at the account online and I see not only did they not make the correction of the property tax they increased my monthly payment. In addition they are going to be sending out my property tax payment which will pay a a year and a halfs payment! What in the world? This is the most inefficient company with the absolute worse customer service available. I am a borrower who has received nothing but a run around and now I can only think of legal action to get this done so I can refinance and LOANCARE pay the costs. I am an office manager for a law firm and looking closely at my options. It ‘s not rocket science to have this done correctly. My property taxes are reduced to {$510.00} a YEAR due to my husband being a XXXX vet ( A TERRIBLE WAY TO TREAT A VETERAN ) and this company show our taxes at {$2300.00} a year plus are getting ready to send the county over {$1300.00} as XXXX of the payment. How in the world could they have come up with a payment increase when clearly my payment should be decreased and we are due another refund. This company is hanging onto OUR MONEY, it is not theirs but obviously they are using my funds. Let me make this easy : Here is the breakdown : Mortgage {$750.00} Taxes XXXX ( {$510.00} annually divided by XXXX ) rounded Ins XXXX ( {$770.00} annually divided by XXXX ) rounded TOTAL MONTHLY PAYMENT : {$850.00} How in the world does that add up to {$1000.00} dollars a month? Does n’t matter what I do I can get this corrected!!!!!

TAX BILL EXCERT : FIRST INSTALLMENT DUE SECOND INSTALLMENT DUE XX/XX/XXXX XXXX XX/XX/XXXX XXXX TOTAL TAXES DUE XXXX LOAN CARE CLAIMS : Payment Amount {$1000.00} Home Owners Ins : XX/XX/XXXX {$770.00} ( they got this correct, but it is the only thing correct ) COUNTY TAXES SemiAnnual XX/XX/XXXX Payment {$1300.00} TOTAL TAXES {$2600.00}

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