Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

AGAIN, I am complaining about OCWEN. They STILL HAVE NOT UPDATED MY XXXX OR XXXX to reflect that I paid as agreed, they updated XXXX because I filed an XXXX dispute TWICE!! I also Sent XXXX Proof of Paid in FULL on my mortgage and It is STILL NOT Updated that the mortgage was Paid in full!!!!!! They got the money XXXX/XXXX/16 … Over 30 days ago! I also requested an audit of my payments since I was forced to send the XXXX EXTRA at closing for escrow, No DETAIL What that is for! I paid 2016 portion of Prop taxes AT closing, I PAY home owners insurance Out of Pocket ( Renewed XXXX XXXX, so it should NOT be for that ) Where is THAT Money?? What is it for?? I paid over {$2000.00} EXTRA in XXXX AND in XXXX And extra in XXXX … .WHERE IS MY MONEY?? WHERE IS MY INFORMATION??? They FORCED me to sell with FALSE foreclosure warnings and Mis application of funds … .I WANT ANSWERS!!!

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