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We are subject yet again, to more delays from JP Morgan Chase ( ” Chase ” ), under the pretense that they need more time to research our fraud complaint on the above loan modification. Always more time needed to research information. How many years of research do they need, when during the fiasco that Chase XXXX representatives advised me that my file at the company was empty. Nothing was recorded. Nothing in it about a verbal mortgage. Nothing in it about my payment to them was not accepted. Nothing in the file that stated how much I should pay each month for the mortgage. Almost two years of RESEARCHING?? or stonewalling!! Nothing to report but a regurgitation of incorrect information. And the man on the corner that holds up the grocery store gets to go to prison, and XXXX XXXX is still free to collect his millions each year. Well, XXXX XXXX is only the tip of the iceberg. Dishonest bunch the lot of them.
It is totally unacceptable because we fervently believe they have no intention to come clean. Chase has acted in bad faith and knowingly and intentionally stonewalled our requests for closure on this matter. They wrongly believe that this matter will go away by simply dragging their feet on it. As a direct result, they requested XXXX delays through XX/XX/XXXX. XX/XX/XXXX is a corollary of the previous year. Just more unwarranted delays, with no end in sight.
A few weeks ago, if someone related the misdeeds of XXXX XXXX, no one could ever fathom the brazen corruption that they perpetrated on their own customers. Chase ‘s fraud and misdeeds across the globe are legendary but there is still one vestige of the mortgage meltdown that needs vigorous investigation. Like XXXX XXXX, we too have insiders who witnessed and reported the callous ways in which Chase used deceptive practices to trigger a foreclosure on our above modification – through the aforementioned verbal mortgage. When this failed, they piled on excessive charges that destroyed the equity in our home.
Again, we are not late or behind in any of our current payments to Chase. We are not asking for relief or a new modification. All we are asking for is a full and fair investigation into what we believe is the fraudulent activities in our mortgage loan modification, after Chase took it over from Washington Mutual. Most important, since you are now wrapping up proceedings on XXXX XXXX, this would be an opportune time to turn your attention to Chase – where we have insiders that confirmed their misdeeds. I am willing and very able to testify before Congress.
Please advise how you would like to proceed on the above because we believe only a criminal investigation will force Chase to finally come clean on how we and perhaps countless other mortgage holders were defrauded. Looking forward to a speedy resolution.
I have extended the courtesy of not going public with what I know, to give JP Morgan Chase the opportunity to make things right. Obviously they seem not to have any desire to do so. I guess they would like to be the next one on the hot seat with Senator XXXX XXXX asking the questions. That I can arrange for them.

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