Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Due to XXXX and combined low income, we are selling our home of XXXX yrs. The ” title search ” provoked a demand for payment from a XXXX lien with Specialized Loan Servicing , LLC, which we did not expect! In XXXX, due to medical issues and expenses, we refinanced through XXXX XXXX Mortgage Advisors who obtained for us XXXX mortgages, XXXX which would later be sold to SLS. XXXX, we filed a chapter XXXX which was discharged in XXXX but, did NOT include our XXXX ARM mortgages. Wrote to SLS and XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX asking to modify our loans due to financial hardship. SLS complied and we made our payments on time until XXXX XXXX.
At that time, I spoke to our XXXX XXXX XXXX, regarding tremendous fear of losing our home, as we were ” under water ” $ XXXX!! We also had no choice but to use credit cards for treatment of the XXXX XXXX!!! THAT alone was costing OUT OF POCKET up to {$600.00} a month to stay alive, which medical insurance would not cover at the time!! XXXX recommended a person at XXXX XXXX in XXXX for prevention of foreclosure. That person told us to STOP PAYING XXXX mortgages at once. He said the small mortgage with SLS ( $ XXXX ) would likely get thrown in a ” pool ” along with other small loans & be forgiven with all the ” bail outs ”. He said it would cost more than the loan amount for them ( SLS ) to go after us, and we would likely not hear from them again, which we did not, until now.
SIx years later, SLS is demanding $ XXXX inc/interest from the house sale, leaving us broke & virtually homeless! We were counting on using the profit from our home to relocate and find affordable housing, which we had in place.
Last month, I called XXXX and spoke with a representative at length about our situation and asked if there was anything we could do? Perhaps negotiate the accrued {$10000.00} in accrued interest? She was rude, uncaring and refused to negotiate anything, stating there was nothing they could do for us.
This is why we are reaching out to you for help! We do have buyers and if all goes through, we will have to be out of our home by mid to end of XXXX. Time is of the essence!! Thank you for your time!

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