Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I decided to buy a home in XXXX XXXX. By XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I was signing my XXXX mortgage paperwork. I had requested to SC XXXX XXXX ( who sold me the house ) that my payment not be over {$600.00} but it was {$800.00} w/a promise that I could reduce that after a year. A year later I find out I have a balloon payment. I filed bankruptcy. I paid that off in 9 months. My mortgage kept going up. I applied for and was put on a HAMP. My insurance went up after XXXX claim. I got a new insurance carrier. My mortgage payments continued to go up. I tried desperately to work with OCWEN who has my loan but to no avail. They have charges on my account they wo n’t explain. I have asked why my mortgage keeps going up. They said rates go up and escrow is short. My insurance premium was less than {$1000.00} & is now {$2600.00} a year. Coverage is {$240000.00}. My house is worth less than {$69000.00}. My payoff on my mortgage is {$65000.00}. I have requested, since XXXX XXXX, to speak to my ” relationship manager ” but keep being told they are busy and not able to assist me. I submitted paperwork, XXXX XXXX, XXXX, for a Short-Sale because I do n’t know what else to do. But now they are saying the process will take several days which means I will go right into foreclosure. The realtor I have for the short-sale talked to them right after I did and was told I CALLED AND REQUESTED TO CHANGE MY APPOINTMENT! I then told her how they have told me several times they have no record of me calling! I went online and found out they have several lawsuits filed against them for the very things I am complaining about. I contacted my states attorney general ‘s office and they told me to file a complaint. My home loan started with XXXX, then Homeward, then AHMSI, and now with Ocwen. Ideally I want to keep my home. I have lived here almost 9 years. But realistically I can not afford to stay here as long as my payments keep going up. In the meantime a short 3 weeks after I moved in the bathroom tiles started falling off ; noticed the air did not work upstairs nor in the XXXX bedrooms ; nails coming up through the carpeting ; was supposed to repair siding and XXXX windows and remove metal spikes but did not! They sent to property managers ( XXXX came XXXX ) who promised to fix things but they did not follow through. To top it all off : The agency I work for has not given me a cost of living raise in 5 years. So while all my necessities go up my pay does not to the point my pay has dwindled due to health insurance and taxes going up! Is there a complaint again SC XXXX XXXX? Is there a complaint against the insurance company XXXX/XXXX?
I need help please and thank you. I appreciate your time!

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