Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I went to my online Dovenmuehle account in late XXXX, 2015 to increase the principal payment to my monthly mortgage payment by {$700.00}. I changed my mind and went back online and entered {$0.00} in the box for additional payment. My XXXX bank statement showed that Dovenmuehle did in fact withdraw the additional {$700.00}. I went back online to check if I had not cleared the additional payment. The amount was {$0.00} for additional payment. I assumed I had made the change too close to the payment date and did not contact the mortgage company. My next automatic payment was again for the increased amount. I called Dovenmuehle and explained that the additional payment was incorrect and asked that they reverse the payment to my account and withdraw the correct amount. I desperately need the additional {$700.00} this month and last month too! The mortgage company said they could not reverse the payment, required me to print off my bank statement and fax to them to prove that the funds were actually withdrawn ( they do n’t know that?! ). The mortgage company will write me a check and mail me the refund. I wanted the money put back into my account now not later. I know they can make that happen but they were not willing to do so. So much for customer service.

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