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About a year ago, I called XXXX XXXX XXXX ( my mortgage holder ) because I saw an ad on TV about a government program that could reduce your mortgage payment. All I did was inquire about the program and my mortgage began to unravel like a spool of thread. Long story short they sold my mortgage to a company called Penny Mac. After reading the information of the program I discovered that it is a program for people that are upside-down in their mortgages of which I have NEVER been. After I declined the paper work my payments began to be posted later and later until I receive a notice that I was 2 payments late and Penny Mac was threatening to foreclose on my mortgage. I sent my last payment on XXXX/XXXX/2016 through the US mail. The check XXXX XXXX. It was for {$1500.00}. This was my payment of {$1400.00} plus the late fee of XXXX. This payment has never been posted. The postal worker is my friend and she placed the stamp on the payment and marked the envelope posted so I would have a witness that I sent the payment. The payment on XXXX/XXXX/2016 was made over the phone ( so I had it recorded ) and was not posted to my mortgage either. It was deleted from my bank account on XXXX/XXXX/16. I called Penny Mac and they told me that, ” They have my money … in a ” holding account. ” A asked, ” Why is my money sitting in a ” holding account ” and not applied to my mortgage?!!! I have NEVER signed anything saying I want or need a modification to my mortgage. I am certain there is something very wrong going on. ” The agent told me that by just inquiring about the modification program that gave them the leverage to modify my mortgage. I have worked for XXXX XXXX in my past and have NEVER heard of this! I believe that to modify a mortgage you do need the owners signature. My daughter is a CPA and she informed me to contact you. They have harmed our credit and are trying to do something unethical. I appreciate all the help you can give me.

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