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I have a complaint with my mortgage company. We received several monthly statements from Loancare stating we are ahead on our mortgage payment. ( Exp : The XX/XX/XXXX statement stated we were not due until XX/XX/XXXX. ) I called the loancare customer service center to get the correct information and to see why my account is showing Im a month ahead. The woman I spoke with explained it was because they recently bought our mortgage from the other company so it prorated my account for a month, stating we didnt have to make a payment. I asked her several times if she was sure it was because the account was bought out and she proceeded with her first answer, yes! We did not have to make a payment but we could if we wanted to pay a month ahead every month. Our mortgage payment is {$990.00} per month so we decided to go along with the information the woman explained and not pay a month ahead. Then 3 months later, we received a letter from loan care stating we are a month behind on our loan. I called the customer support and it stated I had over {$70.00} worth of late charges and I needed to make a payment immediately. I transferred my call to a CSR and they stated it was from a reversed payment on my account in the amount of {$1000.00}. The reversed payment was where the CSR had posted another families payment to my account instead of the correct account. Putting both families behind on their mortgage. I asked to be transferred to a manager and the floor manager exp it was a mistake on their end and the first woman I spoke with told me the incorrect information. They also stated it was very easy for them to confuse the account # ‘s and post to the wrong account. But the manage my mortgage loan?? I told them I would call them back once I got home and got all my statements in line. My fiance ‘ and I called back to explain we were told by choice not to pay the account and we would still be current but no one wanted to hear our side of the story. We asked to speak to several managers and the CSRs couldnt get us any further than the floor manager, which he was very rude. Even went as far in comparing how he pays his truck payment on time and cant skip a payment and get away with it. I explained I didnt need him comparing himself to me and how we pay our bills. He also stated we should have ignored the monthly statements they sent us for those 4 months showing we were a month ahead, even though I contacted them and verified that information. How can you ignore your mortgage loan statement? He was very rude and didnt want to hear what we had to say. They did agree to waive all the late fees since it was an error on their end but wanted us to mail them the ” past due ” payment plus the next month coming up, totaling {$2000.00}. We explained we feel we shouldnt have to pay for their mistakes all at once and his reply was ” your not paying for our mistakes, your paying for your mortgage. ” Understand, we will pay our debts without a problem, but I called and verified TWICE, before skipping the payment, that we were not going to be held late if we didnt mail a payment in.

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