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i had a mortgage loan through XXXX XXXX XXXX and paid on time for years under a bi-weekly payment program. in XX/XX/XXXX i graduated from college and had to move away in order to become employed. i tried to sell my home and could n’t. in XX/XX/XXXX i moved to XXXX to take a better job, and so I was paying for the mortgage in XXXX along with my rent in XXXX, student loans, etc. I fell behind on 3 of the every-two week payments later in XX/XX/XXXX. I brought cash to a XXXX branch in XXXX, XXXX where I currently live to make my mortgage current on XXXX XXXX, XXXX and they applied the {$900.00} payment to my credit card account and not my mortgage account, and then refused to reverse that ( I have the letter for this ). At this point in time I had received NOTHING from Seterus or from XXXX informing me that they were selling my loan. Later that month, they sent me information ( conveniently dated on XX/XX/XXXX ) that Seterus now had control of my loan. They forced me to modify my loan to a 40 year loan (! ) and even while I made payments on this, they held them in suspense, ruined my credit and kept telling me I was in default of my mortgage. There have been numerous unexplained fees and late fees throughout the term of this loan ( for the past 19 months ). It was a full year ago that I got a letter that the modification was complete. This took them 8 months to do, and they reported me as not paying every month even though I was, and held the payments in ” suspense ”. Last year, I was able to rent the house since it still wo n’t sell, and have been making the payments on time. XX/XX/XXXX, I have paid the mortgage two weeks in advance, so imagine my surprise when I got a statement dated XXXX XXXX, XXXX that said that I owed two months mortgage for an XXXX XXXX due date and that I was in default of my agreement. On XXXX XXXX, I called and a representative and told me that they would get that reversed. On XXXX/XXXX/XXXX I received another letter telling me that I was in default and the header says ” Why have you delayed working with us? “. Today I called Seterus again ( and the XX/XX/XXXX payment has also been made ) and I was told by XXXX XXXX that even while the representative that I spoke to on XXXX XXXX requested the reverse that someone decided that was not acceptable. She said this is because my loan was just modified XX/XX/XXXX. So, today they are again refusing to work with me, and will not apply my mortgage payment made on XXXX XXXX to my mortgage that was XX/XX/XXXX on XXXX XXXX, and and they are telling me I am {$900.00} and something in arrears and that {$560.00} is being held in suspense. At this point, I have nothing to think except that they are trying to take my house. I have every record, and every statement that these people have sent me and I am desperate for help. In addition to all of that nonsense, I am in the process of having to evict my tenant in XXXX as she has been in the house for 3 months without paying rent. Please, please help me or direct me to someone who can. I can not make an additional payment and believe that the payment I sent in for my mortgage should have gone to pay my mortgage. This makes no sense to me.

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