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On XX/XX/XXXX I submitted a complaint ( Case number : XXXX ) on the CFPB website, regarding illegal business practices at The Money Source ( TMS ) and their theft of monies from my escrow account. At that time, I was led by both the CFPB and TMS to believe this problem was resolved. It has been 14 months and this problem HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED.

As XXXX ( # XXXX, State of XXXX Judicial Branch ), of TMS, admitted at that time, the DUPLICATE monies TMS stole from my spouse and me were eventually returned to the proper account only for TMS to steal the same monies a XXXX time ( 14 months later ). My spouse and I realized this when we recently attempted to file our annual income taxes with the XXXX Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). According to the XXXX office ( XXXX ), I paid {$2800.00} in property taxes for the entire year of XX/XX/XXXX. However, TMS claims I only paid {$100.00}.

When I brought to TMS ‘s attention the gross error they made in XX/XX/XXXX ( paying property taxes to the XXXX twice in one calendar year ), the County immediately refunded TMS the overdue amount. Unfortunately, upon receiving this refund TMS wrongfully placed this money into our account as a ” credit ” instead of giving it to the rightful party ( THEMSELVES ). Because of TMS ‘s gross oversight, TMS now claims we paid {$100.00} in property taxes for the calendar year of XX/XX/XXXX, even though the XXXX Tax Assessor ‘s Office clearly received our payment of {$2800.00}. How can TMS use monies from our escrow account to pay county property taxes only for TMS to state we paid no property taxes? This is a clear and obvious violation of RESPA, and the Rules of Professional Conduct.

I called TMS to inquire about this discrepancy on Friday ( XX/XX/XXXX ), and was told there was a ” credit ” ( of {$2800.00} ) to my escrow account, which precipitated the discrepancy. However, upon further examination, the ” credit ” is actually the DUPLICATE ( stolen ) money that was returned to TMS in XX/XX/XXXX.

THERE WAS NO ” credit! ” The returned DUPLICATE ( stolen ) money, which XXXX acknowledged in XX/XX/XXXX, SHOULD NOT and DOES NOT change the amount of property taxes we paid to XXXX ( {$2800.00} ) for XX/XX/XXXX. However, TMS returned the stolen DUPLICATE money from XX/XX/XXXX ( {$2800.00} ), and illegally applied this to our escrow account, wrongfully reducing our IRS paperwork for taxes paid in XX/XX/XXXX, to {$100.00}.

Any imbecile at TMS should realize the repeated error in their ways, as well as the shockingly illegal behavior they continue to impose on paying customers. Again, when I called TMS on Friday ( XX/XX/XXXX ), I was given the same poor customer service excuse as I received in XX/XX/XXXX. I was told to ” XXXX it up & deal with it. ” Presently, my spouse and I CAN NOT file our State/Federal annual income taxes until this discrepancy, from XX/XX/XXXX is FINALLY RESOLVED. Please help us communicate with XXXX to, once again, return our stolen money and cease and desist with obvious violation of RESPA, and the Rules of Professional Conduct. We continue to be illegally denied our right to file State and Federal income taxes due to TMS ‘s violations. Thank you in advance.

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