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My house had a flood. My flood insurance company wrote an advanced check for immidiate mitigation so i could afford to get the wet carpet and walls out. The check was written out to me AND the mortgage company. I never signed the back of it. I mailed it to my mortgage company with a sticky note asking them to sign the back and mail it back to me. I left my phone number if they had any questions to call me.. They told me the check was lost or written out wrong. ( it was written out to greentree, who was bought out by ditech. My mortgage broker said it was fine to have it written out to greentree ) I called flood insurance company and told them to cancel check and write a new one ( with ditech name on it this time ) I called ditech back and heard that my last payment was the amount of the advancement my flood insurance company wrote out to ME! I talked to someone else who told me it was MY FAULT for not calling ditech before sending the check and that I mailed it to the wrong processing department. They put the money towards my mortgage account and totally mishandled my money!! Now I ‘m going to be charged a {$25.00} fee for THEIR mistake when that check is cancelled and bounces. Without my signature on the back, how were they even able to process it? I know my bank would tell me they need EVERYONE ‘S signature in order to process it. Is n’t this fraud? Did they forge my signature? How am I supposed to trust a company like this with further flood insurname checks?

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