Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I do n’t know where to turn. Ocwen has a class action suit levied against them and is forced to pay some homeowners money back. My issue seems pretty simple. Ocwen acquired my XXXX mortgage when XXXX/GMAC declared bankruptcy years ago. I declared bankruptcy near the same time, but I signed a letter of intent for both of my mortgages with XXXX/GMAC at the time ( 1st ended up with XXXX which is almost as bad, XXXX with Ocwen ) and my payments have been current since XXXX/GMAC modified my loan long before either BK – that is after the initial mixup many have found with Ocwen where I follow their instructions to change the payment from my bank account, it was lost, I changed it back to the old ” Pay To ” and problem apparently solved since they ‘ve taken my money ever since. Both mortgages are still showing on my credit report as negative because they show closed/discharged in BK. Neither servicer will take responsibility to correct the erroneous credit reporting. Why is this an issue? Because I want to refinance with someone, ANYONE else but the negative marks make me less than a favorable choice for any kind of loan. How are they getting away with this? How do we the consumers fix it?!

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