Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

I have requested to be able to have a chance to bring my mortgage up to date. I receive monthly statements for the amount past due. They do not accept anymore partial payments, so i am keeping them in a savings account and have requested money from my retirement account too be able to pay up to date. I just received a letter from a XXXX XXXX who says that I can only pay my mortgage up to date TODAY with the added fees of {$280.00} called ” suspense balance ” and {$390.00} called ” late charges ” and the payments due as of XX/XX/XXXX of {$7100.00}. BUT, if I can not pay that TODAY, I need to pay {$10000.00} which includes:1 month ( s ) at {$890.00} per month ( XX/XX/XXXX ) $ XXXXPayments totaling {$7100.00} $ XXXXLate charges $ XXXXSuspense balance $ ( XXXX ) Foreclosure fees $ XXXXForeclosure costs $ XXXXTOTAL $ XXXXThis is supposed to be through XX/XX/XXXX.
I received a letter from Green Tree stating that the property will be foreclosed on XX/XX/XXXX. Can someone help me to understand what is going on? They are not allowed to call me, but I ‘m sure they do, since I get alot of hang up calls. I will not call them, since that would give them permission to start harrassing me again. I need to know what I have to pay to be up to date and move on. How do I answer this XXXX XXXX? Please, I just want to do whatever I have to do to bring this up to date and then refinance somewhere else, before I lose my mind here because of them!!!!!

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