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Multiple mistakes within escrow, now 2nd time to have to contribute to escrow in 4 years. The first time they refunded an overage, oops they refunded too much so they increased my mortgage payment. I paid that off and then the following year insurance issues mistakes occurred. I started to pay XXXX extra a month on my mortgage and they once again told me that my escrow would be short and I had to pay that into escrow. They canceled my homeowners insurance and paid my flood instead. They did this twice and then sent flood check to wrong office so more time past on insurance policy so I was stuck with getting less refund. My homeowners insurance went up XXXX bucks last year, about XXXX this year. Instead of letting me pay that total … they do a projection and the projection shows in XXXX 2016 I will be negative. It doesnt matter that I have enough escrow now and would pay that before XXXX 2016 instead they want XXXX payments of escrow by XXXX XXXX, a bit over 30 days notice and if I dont I must pay XXXX more on my mortgage for a year. NO other payment plan accepted. My taxes didnt go up, they went down, only my insurance went up a bit and they wont let me pay that approx XXXX but want XXXX payments of escrow when Im not even in the negative yet!!! This bank has been consistently toying with my escrow. Just after this problem they send me in the mail a personal letter for a personal special to take out a loan.
I have a direct line to the supervisor, Son ( his name ) and have talked with him on several occasions and he is very nice and polite and explained all this to me … there is nothing I can do as this is their rules.
I think they manipulate your finances for profit and that just isnt fair. I have my checking and savings with this bank, they see my finances and are constantly hounding me for business.
I think this bank is walking a fine line of aggressive business versus appearance of criminal financial manipulation.
How they can punish me with my escrow still in good standing, based on a projection that has not occurred yet is not right any way you look at it. I should have the opportunity to put just the amount in to avoid that projection and if not then they should add it to the mortgage but not at this point demand XXXX payments of escrow on a situation that has not occurred yet.
Furthermore, the mistakes that has been made in my escrow in regards to refunding too much, then docking me for it, canceling my insurance and paying another kind, sending insurance payments to the wrong insurance office, all of which I as the customer discovered NOT Wells Fargo, is not acceptable and consideration should be given to what that has caused me in stress, trust and worry.
I have checking, savings, car loan and mortgage with Wells Fargo and this is how they treat me?

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