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I am submitting a complaint against Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC based in XXXX and XXXX Florida. I believe RESPA has been violated in several different ways at this point. On XX/XX/XXXX we received an Intent to Foreclose Notice from Ocwen notifying us that if our account was no brought current by XX/XX/XXXX we would be in default. The breakdown of the Monies were : Principal and Interest : {$2900.00} Interest Arrearage : {$0.00} Escrow : {$1500.00} Late Charges : {$2900.00} Insufficient Funds Charge : {$80.00} Fees/Expenses : {$13.00} Suspense Balance : {$0.00} Interest Reserve Balance : {$0.00} Total Due : {$7500.00} ( with late charges, etc ) On XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX Ocwen was paid each time {$2200.00} to total XXXX. This was the XX/XX/XXXX payment and the XX/XX/XXXX payment, and the amount of mortgage payments/monies due according to the XX/XX/XXXX Intent to Foreclosure notice that was mailed to us. These monies did not include late fees, as I had spoken previously to a customer service representative about late fees in the past, and after much upset she assured me that late fees could be resolved at the ” end of mortgage ”. I work in a XXXX and took an XXXX pension loan to satisfy this default. We paid both payments, XXXX and XXXX through phone pay system and went about our business. We made another payment XX/XX/XXXX for the XX/XX/XXXX payment. Finally, thinking we are now on track and all is well. We had no mortgage statement sent to us in XX/XX/XXXX or notice that anything was amiss. Nor were we notified that late payments had been assessed. In XXXX, we then receive a notice from Ocwen stating we are late with our XXXX payment and a late fee has been assessed. Our XX/XX/XXXX payment was applied to our XXXX mortgage they state when I call Ocwen. I am first sent to someone I can not understand in XXXX. I request US only representative and am told all of this. I explain there is an error since payments were made per the requested amount per ” Intent to Foreclose ” notice and then the subsequent payment made XX/XX/XXXX. I told by the first representative that she can not get past the first part of my account and then sent to a Mortgage Escalator who tries to tell me the same.
In XX/XX/XXXX we receive an Escrow Notice that we have an Escrow Shortage anticipated for the next year and we are informed our NEW PAYMENT starting XX/XX/XXXX will be in the amount of XXXX. I receive the Escrow payments anticipated with the notice. The cushion is to be XXXX for the upcoming year.
When we receive notice in XX/XX/XXXX that our XXXX payment is late?? … We have an obscene amount of money that we owe : {$2400.00} is now DUE????? Mind you our payment has been {$2200.00} the entire year!! Our new payment is not to begin until XX/XX/XXXX. So..WHY DO WE OWE {$2400.00} for a supposed missed payment in XX/XX/XXXX??? This is is clearly an ERROR!
I sent a complaint to the BBB about this and the response that I recieved back from OCWEN from XXXX ( Consumer Analyst Office of Ombudsman ) writes that we were sent an additional Notice of Escrow thereafter the original notice for XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX??? She did not, however include this with the other evidence of letters sent by OCWEN during XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX.

At this point, I feel many violations have occurred by OCWEN. My husband and I have experienced hardship for some time. My husband works as a XXXX and due to the state of the economy has had a difficult time making a living. He has been XXXX form much of the almost 19 years we have owned this home. Not until recently did he gain employment with a XXXX and is able to make ends meet. He began this employment XX/XX/XXXX. We have had financial hardship for a long time. We need real help from someone on the Consumers side. I feel strongly there have been several errrors and violations of RESPA by Ocwen.

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