Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Nationstar is our mortgage servicer. We had a mortgage from XXXX XXXX XXXX and we were n’t informed until after 60 days from the transfer. We had been current with XXXX and had never had any delinquent months since ou purchase. We immediately noticed that our amount owed monthly was different. Nationstar failed to provide any documentation of breakdown in details of ” fees ”.

The current problem is that following my extensive and repeatedly hospitalizations, we became behind XX/XX/XXXX. It was our first time being behind 30 days. Our XXXX/XXXX/16 payment was late 60 days. We were able to catch up a bit and bring it back to 30 days late for the XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX payments. Due to additional hospiatlizations our XX/XX/XXXX payement was 60 days late ( paid on XX/XX/XXXX ). On XX/XX/XXXX we made the XX/XX/XXXX bill. The account showed as pending until after XX/XX/XXXX. XX/XX/XXXX suddenly the payment showed as REVERSED. I called Nationstar to find out why. Their response was there must have been an error on my part with the number. I asked to speak with a supervisor who confirmed that the number had been used before. She asked that I go to bank and 3-way call with them to confirm that the number was our account and they would be able to credit the amount as paid and take the money again. When at the bank, the manager confimed with nationstar rep that account was valid and money was still there.XXXX manager also explained that Nationstar did not attempt to take the money. Nationstar explained that it was nw XX/XX/XXXX and by not having XX/XX/XXXX payment in account it was now 90 days delinquent. XXXX again confirmed funds were in bank and the funds for XXXX I attempted to pay. They told bank manager that funds would not be allowed to be paid to Nationstar. The problem resolution request was sent by rep but would not lkely be addressed until XX/XX/XXXX. In the meantime they refuse any payment. This would make it 120 days late.

So by reversing payment in XX/XX/XXXX, they have caused t to be 90 days late. And then again refusing XX/XX/XXXX would make it 120 days late. And acknowlegeing it would take until XX/XX/XXXX cause it to be 150 days late.
How can they fraudulently cause a delinquency??
Also all the funds I pay each month over what is owed to be applied to principal and ” fees ” has never been applied. They even reversed escow funds out of that I have paid.
They now say that because the XX/XX/XXXX payment was n’t credited they have moved case to foreclosure!!! They will not speak with XXXX or myself further.

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